Sunday, July 3

The stock market of this December 30, closing of the stock market year

In the last trading day of the year, investors were able to consolidate the annual positive closing. The 0.46% rise was the final treat for an exercise of ups and downs, a predominance of uncertainties and a litmus test for operators that depend on closings with profits at the end of the year. The Ibex 35 managed to round up the revaluation by 8% in 2021, to 8,713 points, somewhat below the rest of the European indices but well above what the bank offers to ordinary savers. The markets will be closed this Friday, except the London and Paris stock exchanges, until mid-session, and Wall Street. The prefestive environment dominated the ‘parquet’, with few last minute portfolio adjustments, proof that during the last week the strategies to be followed in the coming weeks were already adjusted. The main stock market indices close 2021 with favorable balance sheets, with the exception of China, which lost 5% in one year. Japan closes with 4.6% profit. Wall Street is forecast to rise 27%. In Europe, the French Cac touches 29% and the Dutch Aex, scores 28%. The pan-European Stoxx 600 index registered 22%, in line with the Italian Mib, and above the 15% appreciated by both the German Dax and the British FTSE.

Telefónica has closed its best exercise in more than a decade with a correction in the last session of 1.61%, the highest on the Ibex. Naturgy, which shot up 60% in the year, has yielded 0.93% today, and Repsol has fallen 0.40% to adjust to the 30% advance in 2021. In the chapter on increases, three of the most important companies have stood out. lagging behind in 2021. PharmaMar faces next year with a final rebound in today’s session of 2.85%. A whole heavyweight like Iberdrola has gained 1.22%, and Siemens Gamesa has recovered 1.15%. Rovi has been confirmed as the star value of the Ibex in 2021, and has done so with an additional profit in today’s session of 1.10%, up to 73.80 euros.

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