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The Syndicate of Accounts affects the Generalitat deficiencies in the contracts related to the coronavirus




The Syndicate of Accounts has presented this Thursday the annual report with which it oversees the public coffers of the Generalitat Valenciana. The 2020 audit indicates that, in general, the Consell complies with the applicable regulations and no situations have been found in which the characteristics of accounting responsibility may concur. In this sense, it points to underfinancing as an aggravating factor negative net worth of the Administration, which stands at 36,219.8 million euros.

However, and although it understands that the regional government will use this procedure in a crisis situation, the body led by Vicent Cucarella reveals deficiencies in emergency contracting that were made during the year of the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The most significant breaches go through the lack of accreditation of the factual assumptions that give rise to such contracting, the lack of proof of the prices of the contracted services, the impossibility of verifying the adequate execution of the contract or its receipt of conformity and the lack of written formalization of contracts executed abroad.

Faults that have been repeated, above all, at the Department of Health. In fact, Cucarella himself has asked the department headed by Ana Barceló to have more foresight when contracting supplies. In thirty files it has not been possible to verify the proper execution of the contract or its receipt of conformity, nor its settlement, «aggravated in cases in which advance payments are agreed without subsequently certifying in the file that the contract has been executed in accordance “Says the report. That is to say, It has not been possible to verify that the supplies were received in the agreed conditions “Of an economic and quality nature”, or if there was a loss or returns.

In relation to the direct payments made by Health, the auditors have found a “significant volume of health expenses incurred without prior and mandatory processing of the contracting file, due to insufficient budget or other causes.” In this sense, unjust enrichment files have been recorded for a joint amount of 1,602.4 million euros.

On the other hand, direct payments have been made to third parties for purchases of pharmacy products and medical supplies without prior processing of the mandatory contracting file, as a procedure generally used by health departments. Payments that, the Receivership indicates, “Could reach very significant amounts”.

“The reasons why certain contracts to be executed abroad were agreed with intermediary businessmen located in Spain are unknown,” underlines the analysis regarding the commercial relations that the Consell maintained with a Chinese businessman who served as a link in the Asian market during the worst moments of home confinement. “It is also unknown whether the agreed economic and quality conditions corresponded to the market situation on the dates of the acquisition,” he adds.

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