Tuesday, July 5

These are the winning and losing stocks on the exchanges in 2021

The Ibex 35 has lagged behind due to profitability compared to the return achieved by the main European and American indices this year. The Spanish index ended the year with a rise of 7.93%, while the French Cac 40 registered a rise of 29.21%, the Italian FTSE Mib 23%, the Euro Stoxx 50 21.21% , the German Dax 15.79% and the British FTSE 100 14.59%.

IG analyst Diego Morín points out that, despite this annual increase, the Ibex 35 “has been one of the indexes most affected by the appearance of the coronavirus strains”, causing volatility in the price as a consequence of its dependence on cyclical sectors, such as the tourism sector. In general, it stands out that the banking sector, also linked to the cycle, has recovered part of the ground lost in 2020 thanks to the support of central banks, while the electricity sector is the most penalized.

In the Spanish stock market, the big winner has been eDreams ODIGEO, which has appreciated 133.45% this 2021 and has had no rival in the Continuous Market after a 2020 complicated by closures and mobility restrictions that slowed tourism. The expectation that the sector will live a great 2022 has driven its actions above companies in the same field such as airlines or related companies such as Aena or Amadeus.

It is followed in second position by one of the sensations of the national park, such as Laboratorios Rovi. The shares of the Madrid pharmaceutical company end the year with an accumulated profitability of 95.72%. A rise that was awarded with the debut on the Ibex 35 on December 20. In the third drawer, OHLA has erased the ghosts of the past with an increase of 86% this year.

In the Ibex 35, in addition to Rovi, Fluidra has been another of the great cheerleaders this year, scoring an annual increase of 70% after in 2020 it was already one of the few companies that was saved from the shipwreck of Spanish equities. Banco Sabadell with 67.18% has been the third most bullish value of the Spanish selective. The market has rewarded the change in management with the incorporation of César González-Bueno to the position of CEO, and although he is in all the pools to be part of the next merger or absorption operation of the bank, he has not yet received the hour.

Among the losers of the year on the Spanish stock market are stocks such as Coderecon with 92.94%, which ceased trading on December 17, DIA with 69.36%, Berkeley with 58.9% or Ezentis with 55% . In the Ibex 35, Siemens Gamesa has fallen by 36.33%, Grifols by 28.17% and Solaria by 27.58%.

In Europe, and specifically in the index of large listed companies, the Euro Stoxx 50, the podium is occupied by the Dutch chip manufacturer ASML with a revaluation of 78.69%, ING with 60.90% and the French Essilor with a 47.11%. For its part, the audiovisual group Vivendi left 54.70%, Philips 24.61% and Vonovia 18.84%.

In the Dow Jones, on the other hand, in the absence of a day, the values ​​that have given more joy to their investors have been Home Depot 54.51%, Microsoft 54.25% and Goldman Sachs 46.67%. Dow Chemical has been the company that has fallen the most this 2021 in the Dow Jones with a decrease of 14.54%, followed by Walt Disney that has dropped 13.89% and Verizon 11.18%.


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