Friday, July 1

VozTelecom expands its distribution channel with two new service points

Voztelecom has opened this month of December two new service points in Valencia and Tarragona. With these two new openings, there are now twelve specialized VozTelecom service points nationwide from which it offers professional service and personalized advice to companies in their transition to cloud communications.

The bet for Expansion of the specialized distribution channel is part of VozTelecom’s strategy with which the operator seeks to provide coverage and have a specific presence in two regions that have been identified as key to the growth of the company. According to several European analysts, it is estimated that, in the last quarter of 2025, approximately 40% of Spanish companies will use cloud communications solutions. According to INE data, the number of companies with more than 5 employees in Valencia is 15,716 companies, while in Tarragona it is 4,128 companies; Taking into account the aforementioned market estimates, the potential market that VozTelecom aims to address in these areas is 6,286 and 1,651 companies respectively.

In addition to betting on the expansion of its network of service points, the operator recently launched a channel program targeting those PBX resellers and Microsoft partners who want to adhere to its new channel plan and take advantage of the business opportunity that the cloud communications market in Spain will bring in the coming years.

In parallel, during the month of December VozTelecom has aligned its corporate image in Spain with the brand image of Gamma Communications, incorporating the graphics of its logo, but maintaining the commercial name of VozTelecom. VozTelecom, which had maintained its brand image since its acquisition by Gamma Communications in April 2020, adopts with this change the same image as its parent company in the United Kingdom.

VozTelecom stands out for being a recognized and consolidated brand in the Spanish national market for 18 years; is now reinforced with the change of image, aligning itself at a European level with Gamma and with the rest of the subsidiaries in Europe, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands, with which it shares strategy, innovation and growth objectives, as well as specific support for the distribution channel and customers.

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