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Ayuso defends freedom against “those who want us dependent and sad” in his end-of-year message




The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, He claimed yesterday in his end-of-year message from Puerta del Sol the “freedom” and “joy” of the madrileños, before those who “want us dependent, sad and complaining.” The regional leader warned that “disagreement should not degenerate into polarization, nor concern into boredom or bad humor.”

The regional leader recalled the promise he did a year ago: «That after so much suffering this would be the year of work and hope, that we would know how to measure up, after having verified that there was no one left over, that each life is unique and irreplaceable, and that each one plays a role. fundamental role for others ”.

Thus, he claimed that “we are still fighting against the virus and in favor of families, companies, the self-employed, employment, tourism, hotels, public services, public-private collaboration, innovation and investment.”

Ayuso put special emphasis on to thank «Your vitality, joy and drive: Madrid is talked about in the world and it is spoken well. Companies, investors and visitors look to Madrid as an example of attitude to adversity; the measures we have been taking – for example, the Vigía program, Zendal, or keeping culture and schools open – have served as a model inside and outside of Spain ».

Freedom in Madrid

The Madrid president He insisted that “the vitality of the streets reveals that, in the midst of everything, freedom and responsibility as a model correspond to our way of being. When asked: Freedom for what? We Spaniards have it clear: to live ». In this sense, he criticized that “some want us to be dependent, sad and complaining: but in Madrid where all of Spain and many parts of the world meet, especially Latin America, we know that we are happy, fighters and that we do not want to depend on anyone, but to be the engine of our lives and of the nation, an example for Europe and the world. We want to be an opportunity and not a burden.

Ayuso dedicated a part of his speech to the sanitary, «Especially those who are on the front line: these days in the emergency room and in primary care. Without them, where would we be? I personally undertake to renew my commitment to improving the service, of which we are all proud ”.

Finally, he asked for “unity” to get ahead and “to preserve happiness because, in his opinion,” disagreement should not degenerate into polarization, nor concern into boredom or bad humor. We Madrilenians have shown impressive dignity these months, all of us: let us not forget. The only enemy in these long months has been the virus. And so it should continue to be.

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