Friday, July 1

Coronavirus: Galicia opens the tests at the Vigo and Pontevedra train stations to the entire population




Sergas continues to reinforce the battle against the sixth wave of Covid, which already adds more than 40,000 active cases on the last day of 2021. The Galician health service reports that the diagnostic tests that are carried out in the Vigo and Pontevedra train stations they are open, with self-appointment, for the general population.

The Xunta decided to extend to 23 the points at which tests can be carried out as the incidence of the coronavirus skyrocketed, including the three airports (La Coruña, Santiago and Vigo) and the train stations of La Coruña, Santiago, Orense, Pontevedra and Vigo.

At first, these two spaces, airports and railway stations, were reserved for travelers, and special emphasis was in that it was not the channel for the general population.

Now a step is taken both in Vigo and in Pontevedra.

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