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Ghislaine Maxwell’s verdict puts Prince Andrew in check

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Ghislaine Maxwell has been convicted of her involvement in the exploitation of young people within a sex trafficking ring instigated by Jeffrey Epstein and the ramifications of this sentence could shake the foundations of the British Royal Family. One of the madam’s best friends is Prince Andrew, as evidenced by dozens of photographs of both.

The implication of the third of the children of Queen Elizabeth II of England, and her favorite, in the Epstein abuse cartel will be tried in the same Federal court that found the socialite guilty. In fact, the guilty verdict of Maxwell has sat like a jug of cold water in the United Kingdom, nervous about what is to come with the royal, who will have an oral hearing on January 4 in which it will be decided whether the complaint due to sexual abuse that weighs on him, it runs its course or not.

Prince Andrew’s lawyers are intensely preparing to defend him against the accusations of Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who is seeking financial compensation for the sexual abuse she says she suffered – up to three times – at the hands of Prince Charles’ brother.

The Duke of York is not facing criminal prosecution in the United States, his is a civil lawsuit. However, the consequences for the monarchical institution can be devastating if Andrés’s involvement is shown, although his figure is already reviled by all. Even for his family, who have turned their back on him. The only one who supports him is his mother, who is also the one who finances the substantial defense of her son with her personal fortune. In addition to the UK legal team, the royal has two of Hollywood’s most famous lawyers: Andrew Brettler, who also defends actor Armie Hammer (nicknamed the cannibal) for sexual assaults, and Melissa Lerner, from the same law firm as his partner in the case.


Throughout yesterday morning, after hearing the verdict, the United Kingdom and the United States team have been holding emergency talks to see the possible implications of Maxwell’s guilt and consider changing their strategy with their client.

The condemnation of the British socialite raises many questions about whether Prince Andrew was aware of the practices carried out by Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. There are also certain fears that he will try to reduce a sentence that could amount to 60 years in prison by giving some of the names of his famous clients.

During an interview with the BBC in 2019, the Duke of York confessed that his relationship with Epstein was the product of his long friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell and she has now been convicted, which does not leave him in a good place.

Sordid stories

At the month-long trial, sordid stories of sexual exploitation have been told of 14-year-old girls. Testimonies told in the first person by the four witnesses who decided to testify before the judge and who described their abuses at the hands of Epstein and his friends in the mansions that he had in Florida, New York and New Mexico. For all of them, the prince’s friend will spend the rest of her life in prison for her role in the recruitment and sexual grooming of adolescent victims for Epstein and his acquaintances.

Ghislaine has always been a star of British tabloids as the youngest daughter of the disgraced British media baron. Robert Maxwell, who mysteriously and fatally fell from his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine, shortly after his Daily Mirror employees discovered that he had looted hundreds of millions of dollars from his pension funds. Maxwell’s sons, Ian and Kevin, present at their sister’s trial, were accused of helping their father, but were acquitted after an eight-month trial.

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