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Ibai Llanos, the ‘streamer’ who threatens the prominence of Pedroche’s dress



The rise of Ibai Llanos It is comparable to the Omicron curve: unstoppable. Social networks are endless stories of strangers who go on to become real stars, although if there is one that surpasses the rest, it is that of the 26-year-old young man from Bilbao. Anyone who has ever passed through YouTube or any audiovisual platform knows who they are. But its success has surpassed the screens.

The year 2021 will be fired by faces that are at least familiar and who have been drinking grapes with the Spanish for several Christmases: Anne Igartiburu, Cristina Pedroche, Carlos Sobera… This cast will be joined by Ibai Llanos. However, its chimes will not tune into any chain. The Basque will welcome 2022 through his preferred platform: Twitch, as he did last year.

In the past bells, its broadcast managed to surpass a television network in audience, reaching 552,345 viewers in the golden minute. It was undoubtedly the turning point of the Basque. It was the step that meant being known outside the internet world.

And as a reflection of that jump in popularity, in this edition Llanos will have a special appeal and companion. With whom better to ring the bell than with a mythical like Ramón García?

Surely many Spaniards will have an eye on his channel and who knows if he will steal the limelight from Pedroche’s dress. Few characters are capable of generating so much expectation in an appointment so marked on the calendar.

A good part of his success resides in the fact that he manages to bring together great acquaintances from different sectors. Without going any further, it has been one of the few that has achieved interview Leo Messi after leaving Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain. How is it possible for a ‘youtuber’ to have access to one of the most mediatic and hermetic people in the world?

Esports boom and pandemic

Llanos started out like many young people, simply commenting on or broadcasting games from a well-known computer video game: League of Legends, better known as LoL. After making a niche in the world, he began to narrate professionally thanks to passing a casting of the Professional Videogame League. And from there it has been a non-stop.

The tremendous eSports boom, pure video game competition, goes hand in hand with that of Bilbao. His fluency, experience and charisma in front of the microphones and cameras in these tournaments helped him win the Golden Goblin award for the best ‘caster’ between 2015 and 2018. His popularity grew to levels never seen before. Overnight he had become one of the most influential people not only in Spain, but also internationally.

And the Covid-19 pandemic arrived. Everyone had to lock themselves at home to protect themselves from the virus. Moment in which a good part of the population took refuge on the internet to try to forget what happened outside the home. And Ibai Llanos was there to liven up the long days of confinement with humorous content or simply to tell what was his day to day.

The football stopped, the players hung up their boots and the stadiums were closed. A great lunge for lovers of this sport. The ball stopped rolling on the grass, but not in video games.

Llanos managed to bring together a good part of the stars of the Spanish La Liga and organize a virtual tournament at Fifa20 to raise funds in the fight against coronavirus. His campaign raised up to 180,000 euros that he donated to Unicef. The last charitable work that he has done is also to get money for La Palma, hard affected by the volcano.

His fame and success seem to have no limits. He already has more than eight million followers on Twitch and another seven million on YouTube. His popularity has led him to be considered by Forbes magazine one of the most influential people in Spain. About his earnings there are many figures floating around the internet, but according to data revealed by Llanos himself they amount to approximately more 125,000 euros per month just as a streamer, not counting the advertising contracts, other events and contracts you have with other companies.

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