Sunday, July 3

It will be more expensive for you



China must be rubbing its hands watching the West hit the foot with the disastrous management of the sixth wave. It is already pathological that at this point our leaders still do not understand that there will be no normal consumption or economic growth while a large number of citizens feel fear of something as simple as going to a restaurant, traveling, shopping or inviting their family to eat. .

Returning to normality requires that there be security and certainty. Something impossible in the midst of an out-of-control pandemic, with hospital admissions growth lower than in other waves but sustained, and rulers who act as if nothing else could be done

to resign. They hardly take measures and among the few that do, some do not work and others go in the opposite direction. The reduction of quarantines is the latest example. As there are so many infected, the brilliant solution is to reduce the duration of isolations, against the criteria of Health scientists. Hopefully they are wrong, but it is possible that in a few weeks we will find that for every ten-day absence from work that we had until now, we will have several seven-day days.

If measures had been taken in early December, we would not be as we are now. And if action were taken now, we would avoid the chilling levels that experts predict by the end of January. Should we return to severe restrictions? Logically not. Ómicron produces a less serious disease, and that is good news that must be managed with precision given its high transmissibility. Controlling this new variant requires a new control plan, with adapted measures, starting with the infected complying with the isolates.

The debate can’t be lockdown or nothing. The rulers pose us a false dilemma so that we accept their inaction as good, when they would have to be working tirelessly to control this sixth wave. ABC published yesterday that the hospitality industry has suffered 80 percent of cancellations in December. If the pandemic continues to break records until February, other sectors such as tourism, leisure will fall … Ómicron is a collective problem and its solution cannot rest exclusively on individual responsibility, in the same way that the payment of taxes is not left to the conscience of each citizen. And since we are talking about individual responsibility, where is that of the rulers, supposedly in charge of acting on collective problems? The sooner the incidence of Covid goes down, the sooner consumption will return. Almost two years into the pandemic and they still have not learned that it is more expensive not to control the virus than to let it roam free.

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