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Maricoin debuts this New Year’s Eve but omicron limits the premiere of the LGTB cryptocurrency to Chueca

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Maricoin dresses long this New Year’s Eve. The first LGTB + cryptocurrency starts its deployment with a pilot project that, due to restrictions due to the emergence of infections by omicron, finally It will be limited to the Madrid neighborhood of Chueca. Other iconic centers of the community, such as Barcelona, ​​Ibiza and Maspalomas (Gran Canaria), have to wait.

The cancellation of the traditional macro parties To welcome the New Year, he has forced maricoin promoters to redesign their premiere. Finally, the pilot project to assess the usefulness of the cryptocurrency and introduce the latest improvements before its official launch to the general public. It will be limited to 100 users and a dozen businesses of Chueca.

Although the businessmen behind the parties canceled by the omicron advance continue to support the project and promise to accept maricoins as soon as they can recover their activity, this New Year’s Eve they will not be part of this essay. A proof that It will last, at least, until the day of Kings and that seeks to achieve usability improvements.

The pioneers

Among the businesses that will finally accept maricoins from tonight are the Café de la Luz, Cutxi bar, discos, bars, restaurants and hotels of Chueca. In addition, of course, hairdressers of the chain Juan por Dios, whose founder Juan Belmonte is the main creator of this cryptocurrency for the LGTB community.

The CEO of the project, Paco Alvarez, explains to EL ESPAÑOL-Invertia that the objective is “to reach 1,000 transactions so that the system can be tested in a diverse and transgenerational audience“For this, they will equip a hundred initial users of digital wallets with 500 maricoins, equivalent to 10 euros depending on the starting value that has been established for the cryptocurrency: $ 0.025.

“Now, more than bugs technological by barrage of concurrent transactions what would be in the macro parties, what we will be able to see is the real usability of the maricoins, which is much better, “explains Álvarez. Of course, without renouncing that once the large concentrations of the group return, tests can be carried out along these lines.

Despite this script change regarding the premiere, the roadmap established for the maricoin remains unchanged. So much so that through the booking form for these tokens they have already registered until today more than 8,600 applications for a combined balance of 4.71 million euros. The goal is in the coming weeks the numbers are around 10,000 maricoiners and exceed 5 million euros.

Listed for February

In this pilot test, as explained by its organizers to this portal, people identified with the different acronyms of the LGBT + collective have been included, but also a 20% of users not related to it. From young people very familiar with the ecosystem cripto and digital payments to people around the seventies less knowledgeable about these systems.

The goal is to do a “cross-test” of the cryptocurrency before the 10 billion maricoins that have already been issued on the Algorand network are finally put into circulation. The objective is start trading on platforms that support tokens coming from this protocol since February. Even making your debut with your entry on Binance, as long as the dissemination requirements demanded by the leading cryptocurrency platform are met.

For now, the first 100 maricoiners who registered their request to get these digital currencies have secured a 2 to 1 premium. That is, they will receive two maricoins for each one subscribed when they formalize their previous purchase orders at the end of the month. The rest, until the list closes at 10,000 applications, will receive a bonus of 3 to 2 maricoins.

The creators of this new cryptocurrency, which replicas begin to appear with less defined projects such as Chuecoin, defend its usefulness to strengthen the LGTB community around the world since 20% of maricoins will be in the hands of the associations of the group that want to join the project, which may get interest through staking, which consists of keeping cryptos in your portfolio without spending them or converting them to another currency.

Buy and finance the group

“In addition to becoming a currency of daily payments for the community, the aim is to provide funds to all LGBT + associations in the world that want to join, to that do not need the discretion of a government with a grant or the generosity of its associates or their availability to pay a fee, “says Álvarez, who is also CEO of Startify, the accelerator that has promoted the project.

With this premise, the creators of maricoin look towards the celebrations of the Gay Pride next year as the ultimate thermometer for its dissemination and popularization. And the plan is for the cryptocurrency to have its own float, sponsorships and general acceptance by the entrepreneurs involved in the 20 main celebrations pride around the world throughout 2022. As long as the pandemic allows.

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