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Pandemic, endemic and young children



If you bother to read what I have been saying about the SARS-CoV-2 infection, you will see that what has been said is being fulfilled step by step. What began as a pandemic is becoming an endemic, that is, a disease with a high incidence in a society and that is repeated over time. The flu, colds worldwide, malaria in certain areas of Africa or dengue in areas of America, are diseases that remain to live with us. Some of them, like influenza and malaria, cause millions of deaths. And we have learned to live with them. In the case of colds, we do not have a vaccine because the immunization rate we achieve is very low and the lethality of colds is very low.

In the case of influenza, we do have a vaccine that is changed every year to adapt it to the circulating strains and that achieves significant immune protection, which prevents thousands of deaths in Spain alone each year. In malaria, it seems that we will finally be able to make an effective vaccine available to affected countries in 2022.

Vaccinating children against the flu from 6 months is a recommendation that hundreds of thousands of families comply with in Spain every year and with an obvious benefit not only for children but especially for our elders and people with previous pathologies, which are the main affected by flu and post flu complications. In other words, children protect themselves from a virus that affects them little to protect older people and those at greater risk.

Covid 19 is on the way to becoming an endemic respiratory disease in our societies. These 20 months allow us to verify that only the vaccine protects us from its most serious complications in the susceptible population and we know that Covid in children is a viral disease that only in very few cases leads to serious consequences such as hospitalization or death.

We also know that there are millions of children vaccinated with very few complications, and I do not know of any fatal cases. Now in my office I detect that in the range of younger children from five to eight years old some parents hesitate and ask me what to do. My answer is clear. Covid 19 will be a new respiratory virus that remains among us, we cannot let a population strip that interacts so much socially as children become a reservoir where the virus mutes and mutes. We must reduce the playing field for the virus. For the good of the children first and then for the parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives and friends of those children. The Covid vaccine, especially in children between the ages of 5 and 8, is the most useful tool we have.

Vaccinate them. They want to get vaccinated. Do not prevent your protection and our protection as a society. And let’s all take care of ourselves.

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