Monday, July 4

Plant vs Undead welcomes 2022 with new game modes

The video game to earn cryptocurrencies Plant vs Undead begins the new year by activating its version Farm 3.0, which will be available once the maintenance of the platform’s servers is finished. This will be approximately at midnight on December 31, as announced by the creators of the project on Discord.

The launch of this new modality is something for which the community kept waiting, since there is an expectation that the economy will reestablish around gambling of digital agriculture and rally its dying token PVU.

With this new version, players will have more options to generate income, since it includes the farm, gathering or gathering mode. It also integrates the possibility that players can raise pet zombies that will help them in the care and cultivation of their farms, as reported by CriptoNoticias in September.

Along with Farm 3.0 the developers also announced the launch of their new game Draft Survival, which is based on their own Factory Chain blockchain and FPVU token. This is different from Plant vs Undead that was developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

On their new platform, the project team reveals a new work schedule in which they show plans for the next six months regarding Plant vs Undead. In this roadmap for the year 2022, key dates are established to carry out new launches.

Plant vs Undead promises to integrate new functionalities so that its players have more options to earn cryptocurrencies. Source:

In February, for example, the expedition mode will arrive in which the players will be able to assemble their own army of the undead. In April, they promise to launch version 4.0, which will update the entire PVE mode or player vs machine mode.

A wider variety of virtual seeding options are scheduled to be released in June, as well as improved game features.

Ultimately, the team behind Plant vs Undead has decided to start 2022 with new initiatives. However, they must go to great lengths to regain the interest of a community that walked away from the project following the constant decisions of developers who ended up hurting players’ earnings.

The play to earn project, which in September 2021 registered more than 800,000 active users, today is a desert that has lost an important base of its gamers.

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