Friday, July 1

Sare demonstrates in Mondragón for the rights of ETA prisoners and the end of the “policy of exception”



The Sare citizen network has demonstrated this Friday in the streets of the Guipuzcoan town of Arrasate-Mondragón for the rights of ETA prisoners and to demand the end of the “exceptional penitentiary policy” that is applied to these inmates. In addition, he has asked “to eradicate all suffering, everywhere, that has been going on for years.”

The March, authorized by the National Court not seeing in it a possible crime of glorification of terrorism, he left from the Sebero Altube square of the municipality at six in the afternoon and hundreds of people they have walked the streets of Arrasate-Mondragón in silence.

The Collective of victims of terrorism, Covite, had accused Sare of calling this demonstration in support of three members of ETA and warned that the march was organized to favor of the «impunity» of Henri Parot, ‘Unai’, convicted of 39 murders, José Manuel Pagoaga Gallastegui, ‘Peixoto’, and Eugenio Barrutiabengoa, ‘Arbe’, a fugitive from justice in Venezuela.

In line with these accusations, to which were added those of other parties and institutions, the citizen network in favor of the rights of ETA prisoners, Basque exiles and deportees removed from the mobilization poster the names of these three prisoners or fled from the terrorist gang to “avoid added pain to any victim” and emphasized that this act was not a tribute to these inmates.

At the end of the demonstration, Sare spokespersons have read a text in which they have highlighted that, for yet another year, due to the pandemic situation, they will not be able to hold the massive march called in Bilbao and instead have had to extend it “to all the peoples of Euskal Herria.”

Thus, they have indicated that “thousands of citizens, political representatives, trade unions and social agents” will fill the streets of Be swept away by “human rights, for coexistence and for finding a solution sooner rather than later to the problems of prisoners, exiles and deportees ».

«We walked step by step towards the way of coexistence, accommodating all experiences. Leaving no one behind, together, between equal and different, with those we feel near and far, “they have expressed, while they have expressed their desire to” advance on the path of peace.

Along these lines, they have defended that they want «eradicate all suffering, from everywhere, that are going on for years “, as well as” the definitive end of the constant violation of rights, leaving behind the path of confrontation “because, as they have said,” after all, we want the future of our descendants to be other”.

Likewise, from Sare they have considered that «it is time to empty the prisons on the way home and to put an end to the exceptional penitentiary policy forever “and have asked that ordinary legislation be prioritized so that” Basque prisoners can carry out the process of returning home that corresponds to them. “

For this reason, they have insisted that “it is time to unlock grade progression and prioritize the conditions of social inclusion. Suspension of life sentences, respect for family law and domiciliary healing of the seriously ill ”.

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