Monday, July 4

The Olympic Team on the warpath




The members of the Olympic Team of the Tokyo 2020 Games are outraged and very angry at the sudden dismissal of Santi López Vázquez as Director of Olympic Preparation and, in addition, for the regrettable and sectarian reasons that Chimo González Devesa has used to dismiss him.

Although it has not yet been decided which pre-Olympic team will attempt the assault on Paris 2024, Javier Sanz, with the opacity and secrecy that characterizes him, has again appointed Asier Fernández de Bobadilla to be the head of the Olympic team .

The Basque sailor was already occupying that position at the time of the presidency of Julia Casanueva and Chimo González Devesa himself had to dismiss him before the

very poor performance that our athletes were giving.

Now, the “clan of the Balearic Islands” has returned to integrate him into the Federation so that he tries to make a team with almost the same wickers as the one in Tokyo, but with different configurations. Asier, who does not know the sailors, is going to influence the mixed couples that sail in Paris.

The Spanish Federation, out of all predictions, is getting worse every day. More dictatorial, more sectarian and with less participation in the opinions of athletes. They hide in an outdated website to give press releases, clearly disdaining the media, as well as on Social Networks, and their president and vice president continue with their ears down naming the members of the different Committees and without giving the expensive.

Not even Gerardo Pombo did that. Is this the open Federation that Javier Sanz was going to offer when he came out president? Well, let you know, Mr. Sanz, that it is not the Federation that we federate or the Olympic team want, that although they assume that dictatorial decision because they have no choice, they do not share it.

The pre-Olympic team does not deserve this dictatorial treatment because it has more than shown that they have the ropes to succeed. The Tokyo medals show that behind there was a great job carried out with many difficulties due to the pandemic, but neither Mr. Sanz nor Mr. González Devesa liked that team’s performance at the Games or, perhaps, they want him to access the position his “buddy.”

They continue to sell to the Higher Council of Sports the trams without wheels that they have always sold and of course, in the CSD that do not even know about the mass, half of them sign everything. The great artist who put the accounts in order for Julia Casanueva when he was economic vice president of the Federation, we will see how he leaves her when he has no choice but to leave.

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