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The prognosis of doctor Pedro Cavadas on the coronavirus for the year 2022




There was a time when the surgeon Pedro Cavadas, included in the Forbes list of the best doctors, made public his predictions regarding the pandemic of the coronavirus. Despite not being his specialty, back in January 2020 he warned of the “dangerousness” of the then unknown Covid-19, of which he said that “it does not seem like a joke to sell masks.”

Pedro Cavadas He was accused of being an “alarmist” and a “propagator of hoaxes” by other doctors and the media who did not believe his omens. The Valencian surgeon warned that a pandemic like that of coronavirus could decimate the world population when there was hardly any news of the Covid-19 beyond those that came with a dropper from China.

Already in October 2020, Pedro Cavadas He starred in one of the televised interviews with the highest audience in Spain. There he launched three key ideas. On the one hand, it warned of the possible adverse reactions of some vaccines against the coronavirus produced in record time. The doctor also predicted that the remedy for Covid-19 it would reach the most developed countries immediately, but it would take “several years” to reach the poor, making it difficult to eradicate the pandemic.

Coincidences with the WHO on the coronavirus

In both cases, the World Health Organization (WHO) He ended up confirming with data the omens of Pedro Cavadas. Vaccines against Covid-19 They have caused side effects that in some cases have been serious and still do not reach the countries with the fewest economic resources, while the richest part of the planet is already advancing in the third dose and some states such as Israel are already planning trials with the fourth.

Pedro Cavadas also released a forecast for 2022. According to the surgeon, in the fall of this year the possibility that the use of the mask to prevent the coronavirus is optional. The Valencian doctor predicted in October 2020 to the amazement of locals and strangers that there was a pandemic and a mask against Covid-19 for a long time: «I would like to think that in a couple of years it will be optional, and that it will be a decision of each. I don’t see it that fast.

[El demoledor mensaje de Pedro Cavadas a los negacionistas del coronavirus]

In this regard, the “double threat” that constitutes the combination of the variants ómnicrom Y delta he’s not making it easy. However, in line with the time period established by Pedro Cavadas, the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom GhebreyesusHe pointed out this Wednesday that the year 2022 may mark “the end of the acute stage of the pandemic.”

For this, the generalization of vaccines against the coronavirus claimed by the Spanish doctor. In this sense, the head of the WHO declared that “we trust that this is the end, but certainly we are not there yet and there are still obstacles that we hope to overcome by achieving equality in the distribution of vaccines.”

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