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These have been the most bullish values ​​of the Spanish stock market in 2021

The vaccination process, which began at the beginning of the year, helped to commission 2021 in a much more optimistic way than the previous year and with the help, in addition, of monetary and fiscal support measures by the banks. central offices and governments, economic activity has made good progress this year.

Within the European stock market, the Ibex 35 has been the most lagging index with a profitability of 2.9%, but not for this reason the companies that are part of the Spanish selective have collapsed, indeed, six of them have managed to circumvent the adversities until leading the first positions of the table. This is the case of eDreams ODIGEO, Laboratorios Rovi, OHLA, Fluidra, Banco Sabadell.

Five values ​​that have led the Ibex 35 in 2021

The undisputed leader this year within the Spanish stock market has been eDreams ODIGEO, a company in the tourism sector, far from what one might think if we take into account that this has been the worst sector stopped by the pandemic and that even in the last month has seen its business compromised with the expansion of the new variant of Covid-19 that has again brought some of the most problematic restrictions of 2020.

The value of eDreams ODIGEO on the Spanish stock market started the year well below what it would have liked, the value of its securities was around 4 euros per share, but many times the important thing is not how it starts but how it ends and in In this case, eDreams ODIGEO should be more than proud since currently its titles already exceed 9 euros per share, a value that has not reached since 2014.

In the words of David Elízaga, Chief Financial Officer, “Throughout 2021, we have further strengthened our business and our competitive advantage, gaining market share from our competitors and positioning ourselves as the second largest flight distributor in the world.”

In addition, recently the Technical Advisory Committee of the Ibex indices (CAT) brought good news for this travel company, which became part of the Ibex Medium Cup, the benchmark index of mid-capitalization Spanish listed companies.

Therefore, eDreams ODIGEO is positioned as the most bullish value on the Spanish stock market in 2021, with a revaluation of more than 130% and a capitalization of 1,140.30 million euros.

Leader in its sector, eDreams ODIGEO is ready to sweep away this new year, which is expected to be more favorable for the tourism sector.

The second place in this ranking, how could it be otherwise, is taken by Laboratorios Rovi, a pharmaceutical company that reached the index of large companies just 10 days ago.

If there is a sector that has been able to benefit from the pandemic at the level of increased production, it is the health sector and, specifically, pharmaceutical companies such as Rovi, which managed to close a collaboration agreement with Moderna for the manufacture of the active principle of the vaccine against Covid-19 in April of this year.

Since then, the value in its titles has only grown exponentially, despite the small scare that it had due to the contamination of some batches in Japan that led it to fall for several consecutive days, it soon recovered its flight and closed the year with a revaluation of over 95% to the 4,093,034 thousand euros that it currently capitalizes. Likewise, Rovi’s securities on the Spanish stock market say goodbye to 2021 at all-time highs with a value of about 74 euros per share.

According to Marta Campos, head of investor relations at Rovi, in statements to Investment Strategies this arrival at the Ibex “It is recognition of the hard work we have been doing since the company went public in December 2007“Ahead, the challenge of consolidating within the index. Campos also points out that for them it is also important and” we are enormously proud to see the pharmaceutical sector grow in the index and to accompany other pharmaceutical companies in this adventure. “

Another company that celebrates the end of the year in style is OHLA, in the construction sector. Its market value has increased by more than 86% in the Spanish stock market since the beginning of the year, going from being worth 0.55 euros per share in its first session to exceeding the euro section in the last.

But not always all that glitters is gold and this week, OHLA took a hard hit with the fine imposed by the National Securities Market Commission (CNVM) worth 250,000 euros, as well as 15,000 euros to four of its directors and former directors, for providing “inaccurate or untrue data” in the financial accounts for the first half of 2018.

This is a “very serious” infringement based on the supply to the CNMV of the consolidated semi-annual financial report corresponding to the first six months of financial year 2018, with “inaccurate or untrue data” in relation to the number of reported losses and the amount short-term construction order book.

Although the market has not been so hard on the company, it was up more than 4% in the last session yesterday.

The fourth place is for another of the great protagonists that the Spanish stock market has had this year, Fluidra, a company dedicated to the development of products and services in the pool and wellness market.

Fluidra, which is revalued at the end of the year by 70%, has managed to maintain the level of 30 euros that it achieved in the month of May after an exponential rise and after having come from a 2020 also quite satisfactory. On the last day of the year, the value of Fluidra’s securities remained at 35,200 euros per share.

Fluidra has experienced record growth during this pandemic, but expects to continue growing in the long term, as David Herrerías, Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Communication of the company, says in his future forecasts, who estimates an increase in sales for the next few years higher than 6%, above the evolution of the sector thanks to the increase in market share and acquisitions.

David Herrerías defends the attractiveness of the company for investors for two reasons, “a long-term sustainable growth supported by the aftermarket, and attractive margins with the ability to transfer price inflation to the supply chain” and adds that, ” Investors also positively value the sector’s ability to maintain and improve margins year after year. ”

The last place in the Top 5 most bullish values ​​of the Ibex 35 in 2021 is for the banking sector and, specifically, Banco Sabadell, which ends the year with a revaluation greater than 67% after a year with certain irregularities and that seemed to go wrong at the last moment.

Banco Sabadell yielded 6% last Friday. The banking sector, with the entity headed by César González Bueno among them, with the exception of the tourist sector, was, with the infrastructure sector, the most punished within the Ibex 35.

The fear was returning to the market and that means in financial language, a possible growth slowdown in its worst aspect, with lower inflation, because it would deflate prices and increase uncertainty. In its translation, both the recovery, therefore, consumption and spending, and a rise in rates that would last over time, remaining further and further away.

A week later, the outlook remains unclear and the last session of the year has closed with falls of 0.30% to 0.592 euros per share, so it will be necessary to closely monitor what is finally the evolution of the banking sector for this new year that is presented.

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