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They rescue the lifeless body of an injured mountaineer in Pico Murcia (Palencia)




The Civil Guard has recovered the lifeless body of a 58-year-old mountaineer injured in the Pico Murcia, in Palencia. The deceased, a resident of a town in Valladolid, fell from the summit 300 meters down the slope.

At around 3.30 pm this Thursday, December 30, they received notice through the Complex Operative Center (COC) of the Civil Guard of Palencia informing about the accident of a mountaineer in the Pico Murcia. The Citizen Security Units were alerted and later the Air Unit of the Civil Guard of León was activated, which mobilized un helicopter and the Sabero Mountain Rescue Group (León).

Arrived at the accident area and due to the strong wind that prevented the helicopter from approaching to the place where the injured person was, the mountain specialists were left in a lower area, having to make a long journey on foot.

As indicated by the Civil Guard, when it was possible to access the place where the injured person was, it was found that he had injuries incompatible with life, allegedly produced when sliding from the summit and falling downhill for about 300 meterss, as reported by sources from the Benemérita.

The troops have proceeded to rescue the body by descending on a stretcher with several lengths of rope down the snow slope, until they reached an accessible place for the helicopter to pick them up. The deceased mountaineer was transferred to the town of Cardaño de Arriba (Palencia), where the funeral services of the town of Cervera de Pisuerga (Palencia) were taken over.

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