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Three stocks on the Spanish stock market that say goodbye to the year with a 10-year-old technician

The year referred to by some as the year of recovery is ending after the great crisis suffered in 2020 by the arrival of the coronavirus, which paralyzed much of the activity and imposed numerous restrictions. While it is true that the rapid expansion of the new omicron variant is reinstalling some concern in the markets, the low mortality rates and the decrease in the most serious adverse effects are making the situation better controlled.

Faced with the various events experienced in 2021, there are companies that have become even stronger and have recovered the figures that they had brought before the pandemic or even, in some cases, have even exceeded them.

If we analyze the more technical side of the Continuous Market companies, we find three of them that stand out above the rest with the highest possible score and positive indicators that reinforce the good growth rate. On this occasion, we are talking about Zardoya Otis, Grupo Insur and eDreams ODIGEO.

Three values ​​of 10 in the Continuous Market

Zardoya Otis, a company dedicated to the manufacture of elevators and escalators as well as moving walks, has lived through a very turbulent year.

When last September, through the CNMV, it announced the Otis Group’s intention to launch a public offer for the acquisition of shares (OPA) for the part of its Spanish subsidiary that it did not own, the value of its securities soared and reached rise more than 33% in the Spanish stock market.

This operation was about the launch of a Takeover bid for 1,646 million euros for the 49.99% that it did not own in its Spanish subsidiary, at a price of 7 euros per share, which meant offering a premium of 30.8% over the closing price of the previous day of Zardoya Otis (5.35 euros).

Specifically, the offer was aimed at all the shares into which Zardoya Otis’ capital stock is divided, that is, 470,464,311 shares (including treasury shares), according to the information sent to the CNMV. The indirectly owned Otis shares (that is, 235,279,377 shares of Zardoya Otis, representing 50.01% of its capital stock), which were immobilized, were excluded from the offer. Consequently, the offer launched by the parent company of Zardoya Otis effectively targeted a total of 235,184,934 shares of the company, representing 49.99% of its share capital.

Last week, on December 21, it experienced significant increases in the Spanish stock market after announcing that OHS, a subsidiary of Otis Corporation, has signed a contract with Eurosyns, the 11.19% owner of Zardoya Otis, for the that it undertakes to accept the OPA for all the Zardoya Otis shares formulated by OHS at a price of 7.14 euros, a price that incorporates an improvement of 0.21 euros.

Consequently, OSH has agreed to increase the bid price to 7.14 euros, although its revised price will be adjusted by the dividend announced by Zardoya Otis on December 14, so that the offer price will be adjusted to 7.07 euros per share as of January 6.

With all this, the value in the shares of Zardoya Otis went from being 5.571 euros per share to over 7.10 euros per share. Thus, the revaluation of the company in this 2021 has risen close to 30%.

Focusing now on its most technical part, the stock market indicators give it a total score of 10, the highest possible points and all indicators are shown as positive, from the long and medium-term uptrend to the range of decreasing amplitude in both. cases, going through the slow and fast total moment and the increasing volume in the medium and long term.

We change sectors and stop at real estate, where Grupo Insur reigns.

Grupo Insur, which began the year with a valuation of 7 euros per share on the Spanish stock market, reached its annual highs at 8,300 euros last September. Likewise, the current value of the share remains around 7-8 euros and its revaluation in 2021 has been slightly more than 10% on the Spanish stock market.

If we talk about business figures, the global amount of pre-sales formalized during the first nine months of the year for Grupo Insur stood at 135 million euros, 105.5% and 73.7% higher than those registered during the same period 2020 and 2019, respectively.

“Although during the first nine months of the year the turnover of the promotion activity has decreased compared to the same period of 2020, we expect to close the year with a turnover similar to that of the previous year, taking into account the significant volume of planned operations to be notarized during this last quarter of 2021. In this sense, I would like to indicate that at the end of September the group had pre-sales for an amount of 46.9 million euros whose delivery was scheduled before the end of the year ”, he explains Ricardo Pumar, president of Grupo Insur.

Facing this new year, the president is clear about his objectives, “we expect a good year in 2022 in all activities, in the main promotion and patrimonial activities, but also in the secondary ones of construction and provision of services.”

Regarding the technical stock market indicators, Grupo Insur is positioned with a total score and all its indicators positive.

Finally, a company that says goodbye to the year as the best value on the Spanish stock market, eDreams ODIGEO.

The value in the titles of eDreams ODIGEO has changed a lot in this last year and is that, even being one of the sectors most affected by the coronavirus crisis and mobility restrictions and with the expansion of the new variant of Covid-19 On its heels, it has managed to reach the end of 2021 with figures much higher than those of 2020. Moreover, the value of its securities currently exceeds 9 euros per share, a figure that has not reached for seven years.

In the words of David Elízaga, Chief Financial Officer, “Throughout 2021, we have further strengthened our business and our competitive advantage, gaining market share from our competitors and positioning ourselves as the second largest flight distributor in the world.”

Likewise, the Ibex Indices Technical Advisory Committee (CAT) announced this month that eDreams ODIGEO, Vidrala and Viscofan will occupy the position of Catalana Occidente, Ence and Laboratorios Rovi within the Ibex Medium Cup, the benchmark index of mid-capitalization Spanish listed companies.

“This is not the only success of which we can be proud this year. eDreams Prime, one of our company’s primary value creators, is the flagship of our innovation and drive to transform the travel industry. Our subscription program, unique in the industry, is proving to be a winning bet after reaching 2 million subscribers last November, tripling that figure in just one year. Thus, we are convinced that we will reach 7.25 million members in 2025 ”, adds Elízaga.

From the technical side of the company, the stock market indicators, with all its positive indexes and in a marked upward trend, give it a score of 10, which further reinforces the good growth that eDreams ODIGEO is having in the market.

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