Friday, July 1

Valencia no longer interests in Madrid



They speculate that the same Mónica Oltra flees from Valencia, where the young people of the party want to retire her, to dedicate herself to national politics, in Congress. Should not. With the corpse that he hides in the closet, he will crash; It does not serve Yolanda Díaz or as a key ring. Oltra has been saved so far by the pact with Ximo Puig. He protects her due to the ruling of her department against the sexual abuse of her then husband (five years in jail) and she looks the other way in the matter of irregular contracts to the president’s brother, another Juan Guerra drinking coffee. And he is the third in contention. The socialist spokesman in Les Corts, Manolo Mata, dedicates the afternoons to

defend the head of a plot of urban corruption in which whoever was responsible for the party’s finances is also accused. Moonlighting with an official car to take you to and from the Picassent prison. Valencian scandals, they called them, which have ceased to be of interest in Madrid, why is it?

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