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4 recommendations from the University of Oxford to improve reading in English and Spanish this Christmas




Christmas is the most special time of the year to enjoy our family. For the little ones in the house, these are wonderful days to give new gifts, learn, discover and grow. It is the best time to give away books and motivate them to read, live adventures from the eyes of their favorite characters, while learning new values, Oxford University Press, the editorial department of the prestigious
Oxford University
, offers 4 collections of books in English and Spanish to instill a passion for reading from childhood to the very young:

Read in English as a family with PAW Patrol

By reading in English we are able to develop different areas of learning: we expand vocabulary, reinforce messages, learn new values ​​and increase our creative and analytical skills.

Instilling a love of reading at home is essential to motivate children. For this, the most important thing is to set an example and accompany them in their reading moments.

The Oxford University Press reading recommendation for family enjoyment is the
PAW Patrol collection
, with three gradual levels that encourage children to learn English in a fun way. As the levels progress, the amount of text increases and the vocabulary becomes more complex. This collection not only encourages the learning of a language, but also integrates topics such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, to promote a broader educational development. The PAW Patrol Collection is recommended reading for ages 2-7.

Books that teach values ​​- Leandra and Bruno’s Blog

Books are the simplest tool to live a thousand adventures and at the same time learn the most important values ​​in life. A good tip for the little ones to feel devotion to reading is to choose topics that attract them and in which they feel interest. Every child, regardless of age, is drawn to different topics, so starting with a story that grabs their attention is the most important thing.

Leandra and Bruno’s blog
is a hilarious collection that tells the adventures of the two protagonists, two friends who live in the same apartment block and go to school together. They are ideal books to learn values ​​that encourage reading and listening with additional materials such as the podcast. They can be read in any order, as they are independent adventures, and ages between 8 and 11 are recommended.

«This collection combines education in values ​​with high doses of humor, both essential elements in the formative process of readers at these ages. In addition, it is committed to reading through podcasting, which provides multiple benefits in the development of reading skills and abilities: it encourages reading aloud and motivation, and improves reading comprehension, attention span and oral expression. Reading and listening will become quite an adventure! ”Explains Miriam Vázquez, managing editor of Oxford University Press.

Reading as a synonym of playing – The garden of books

When giving a book, it is very important to take into account the age of the person who is going to read it, as well as their development and experiences. The stories of The garden of books They are a good reading recommendation to cultivate the development of emotions, encourage children to experiment, think, remember stories and awaken their creative capacity. This collection encourages the development of reading competence through texts that awaken the taste for reading with its diversity of textual typologies and different styles of illustration that show new views of the world. It is recommended for ages between 3 and 5 years.

Miriam Vázquez, Editor-in-Chief of Oxford University Press, explains that “to promote the reading habit among the little ones, it is best for them to understand reading as a game, as a fun activity to enjoy as a family. The books in this collection offer a multitude of recreational proposals such as Search and Find games, creativity workshops, CDs to listen to together in the car or at home, interactive calendars, guides with suggestions and crafts … The important thing at these ages is to stimulate them and not press them with reading.

As we read, we not only entertain ourselves, but also learn new life skills. From the most classic fables to cartoons, they are used to convey learning. For this reason, reading is a very powerful tool for teaching values ​​during childhood. In this sense, Oxford University Press works with leading professionals to enhance teaching with a learning method that facilitates immersion and makes reading a habit thanks to its attractive and motivating content.

Our recommendation to learn about current problems and thus acquire new values ​​is the Lidera collection, a collection focused on the environment and that serves as a tool to encourage students to lead change in the present and interact with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations. Based on fictional stories aligned with reality, Lidera encourages respect, teamwork, commitment, integrity, the debate of ideas and citizen participation. The books and their materials show the clear commitment of Oxford University Press to the SDGs and follow its ethical standards with the environment: the books are produced with vegetable inks to have a low ecological impact and with 100 percent recycled paper. The Lidera collection is a recommended reading for people over 10 years old.

«The true success of education no longer consists exclusively in improving the personal curriculum of students, but in forming good citizens capable of improving society. These readings encourage young people to interact with the SDGs and stimulate their entrepreneurial and leadership spirit. They are stories with themes that catch them, since the commitment to the collective is firmly incorporated into their attitudes and they are interested in defending causes such as gender equality, the environment …, just like the characters do, “adds Miriam Vázquez, Editorial Manager of Oxford University Press.

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