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A gang of thieves assaults the Louis Vuitton store in Valencia in the middle of New Year’s Eve




The celebration of the chimes of New Years Eve and the beginning of the new year was the time chosen by a gang of thieves to rob the luxurious store Louis Vuitton in the center of Valencia. The aluniceros rammed a car against this establishment to appropriate different products such as bags and other fashion accessories, and then flee with another vehicle at high speed through the streets of the capital of Turia.

According to the information published by the newspaper
“The Provinces”
, a Local Police van tried to block the robbers unsuccessfully after one of them emptied a fire extinguisher to escape the place in a cloud of dust. Once they received the notice, different police patrols went to the street Poet Querol while others marched towards different exits of Valencia to avoid a flight by highway.

The agents who appeared on the street where the Louis Vuitton store is located were near the area due to the security device of the Town Hall squareThe, where access to citizens was not allowed to experience the New Year’s Eve chimes.

After dodging the Local Police van, a new patrol chased the thieves’ car, a Audi Q7 with false registration, whose route marched along Avenida del Cid and the A-3 in the direction of Madrid to the municipality of Aldaia.

In the pursuit, the driver who was driving the luncheon car ran multiple red lights, which could cause an accident on different occasions. Likewise, a patrol of the Civil Traffic Guard also followed the thieves, who were marching along the highway at a speed greater than 160 kilometers per hour.

According to the same sources, two other people participated in the robbery, while the vehicle they built against the store was previously stolen in the Valencian town of Xirivella. Likewise, the first local agents recovered part of the loot after the robbers left different bags in the middle of the street.

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