Tuesday, July 5




The year 2021 has been the best of my life. 2020 was also, and 2019. Always for me, the predisposition to joy is more important than the circumstances, and the great dividing line is never a virus but the decision to live against the neglect of complaining. This is the equatorial and it will be even more so from now on. We have known the Covid and we are going to know much worse things. And much better. It might kill us sometime. But in the meantime, and as far as you’re concerned, it’s just going to be a matter of attitude. You choose, think about it, and just thinking about it will make you feel safer and lighter. Anyway, if instead

If you were so arrogant, you would have believed from the beginning, you would already know this. God is the first attitude, the first freedom, the first love. Your first and last strength above any other anecdote. This year he leaves us with an essential recipe for virility and a grave warning that the weak will suffer. We have reached such a degree of evolution, and of civilization, that even to enjoy it you have to be strong. Passivity and victimhood are and will be more lethal than any bug. Look at how Barcelona has ended, look at how Catalonia has ended. It has not been by force, it has not been by being more or less right, not even legality has influenced. The great defeat has been cowardice. The independence movement was never willing to pay the price of its coup and Spain paid it in full and at once. If you find an excuse, you will find a thousand, but you only have this life and the lost time will not be discounted. The comedy of the omicron has a lot to do with the ridicule that a society can make that turns into a tragedy what is an incident that is much more spectacular than significant. If 2021 has gone bad for you, ask yourself what you could do better, if you are surrounded by people smarter than you and if you listen to them enough. If instead of trying to improve you continue to complain, 2022 will be much more catastrophic. Not without demand we can live the most advanced moment in history. Those who do not win will be left out. And no matter how much they complain, we can continue without them too.

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