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Balance of a psychopath



If you Google the word ‘psychopath’, read the following: “A person with psychopathy is known as a psychopath. The main characteristic of a psychopath is the inability to create affective relationships with their environment and to feel remorse in situations that would normally cause them. If you want to delve into the idea and type ‘psychopathy’, the answer is “a personality disturbance characterized by narcissism, impulsivity, and controlling and manipulative behaviors.” I am not a psychiatrist and therefore I do not formulate a medical diagnosis, but do not tell me that both definitions do not fit like a sock to the performance of Pedro Sánchez in his year-end balance, where he carried out a

obscene display of exacerbated vanity, frivolity in the story of a dramatic situation, lies, inability to empathize with the suffering of citizens, and intolerable retaliation of the right to information.

When the death toll from Covid-19 reaches 130,000 people in our country, the President of the Government began his speech with these words: “The pandemic has not been a brake, but an accelerator of a great process of modernization, reforms and progress social conditions that Spain is experiencing ». Is there more derision? Does our national leader feel any emotion at the loss of all those lives and the pain of the survivors? Do you consider yourself responsible to some extent, however minimal, for this tragedy that under your management has broken world records of mortality and ruin? Does he care about anything but his ego, his power, his easy chair, his flights in Falcon? “Accelerator of a great process of modernization and progress,” he proclaimed, full of triumph, without altering his face. And what about the thousands of freelancers and small entrepreneurs who have been left behind, despite their false promises? What about bankrupt hospitality? What about the exhausted, unmotivated, overwhelmed, fed up toilets? What about the millions of unemployed who place us at the head of Europe? None of this deserves the slightest self-criticism on the part of a Sánchez so full of himself as unable to distinguish the truth from the crude lie. This is the only way to explain his assertion that “Catalonia is better”, when the pro-independence hordes harass a 5-year-old boy and threaten the brave students of ‘S’ha acabat’ with death, while his batasun teachers organize tributes to the gunmen most bloodthirsty of the gang with the approval of the Prosecutor’s Office that, as he himself acknowledged in a televised interview, depends on La Moncloa.

Sánchez is not ashamed nor does he know her. He is also unfamiliar with the concept of ‘repentance’, much less the accountability he boasts of shamelessly. That is why he only admitted questions from the media that made him the wave. ‘Control and manipulation’. Characteristic features of psychopathy.

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