Thursday, September 29

Calviño highlights the euro as a “factor of growth and well-being”

The euro has been shown to be ‘a factor in increase, prosperity Y welfare for the population”. It is the conclusion drawn by the First Vice President and Minister of Economy, Nadia Calvin, after 20 years of circulation of the single currency.

Taking stock of what the euro has meant, which entered the lives of Spaniards on January 1, 2002, Calviño highlights that it has become “one of the symbols of the European Union (EU), in a sign of shared prosperity and common European identity. ‘

Spain «is a very pro-European country and the citizens are« very aware of the importance of having the single currency; facilitates the trade and tourism; and contributes security and stability for companies, to the citizens and the member states of the euro zone ”.

The common currency, he adds, has been revealed as “an element of strength to be able to confront financial crisis». After 2008, from which many lessons were drawn, the way out of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic is being very different, Calviño has insisted on many occasions. In fact, Spain has emerged as one of the most benefited by the first experiment of debt mutualisation of the euro zone through the European fund ‘Next Generation‘. Of this, the country corresponds 140,000 million until 2026, of which 69,000 million are non-refundable.

10,000 million

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After a pre-allocation of 9,000 million, this week Brussels made the first transfer of 10,000 million linked to the achievement of objectives and reforms included in the recovery plan.

Calviño admits that the launch of the euro was “exciting” and “a huge challenge for the Spanish», Especially for older people, accustomed to the use of pesetas. But “it was a great success”, thanks to a “well managed logistics operation“And, above all,” to the trust that there was between the citizens with the merchants, the companies and the rest of the countries where the single currency entered.

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