Wednesday, September 28

Casado and Mañueco want to open the pre-campaign of Castilla y León on the 8th with mayors




On Saturday, January 8, it will mark the starting line of the PP in the pre-campaign towards
Autonomous elections of Castilla y León
February 13. The popular ones have wanted the first great pre-electoral act to have as protagonists the municipalities and mayors, that is, they intend to place the focus from the beginning on the most local problems of the residents of the region, and thus tackle from minute one to the emergence of local formations.

The party has organized an ‘inter-municipal’ meeting, between Castilian and Leonese councilors, with the foreseeable intervention of Pablo Casado and the regional president and candidate for reelection in the Community, Alfonso Fernández Manueco, provided that the evolution of the pandemic allows it.

The ‘summit’ of mayors, still not closed one hundred percent, will be held in Salamanca in a ‘blended’ way as a security measure to avoid contagion.

The following weekend the regional congress of the PP of Castilla y León, in which Mañueco will be reelected and where the popular want to launch a message of unity. Genoa has kept the dates of this congress and that of Canary Islands, on January 22 and 23 in Tenerife, which were already summoned in advance when the polls were called in Castilla y León.

In Genoa, Casado’s instructions have been very clear: he wants the entire party turned in the February 13 elections, in which he trusts that a victory similar to that of Madrid, on May 4, will take place that will allow him to govern alone in the region, and increase the advantage over the PSOE in all of Spain.

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