Wednesday, September 28

Former president of the employer Foment del Treball Alfredo Molinas dies

  • The businessman and lawyer was vice president of the CEOE and of the Barcelona Port Authority

The former president of the employer Foment del Treball Nacional Alfredo Molinas placeholder image, who presided over this organization from 1978 to 1994, has died at 98 years old. As confirmed by Foment, Alfredo Molinas passed away yesterday, and on his Twitter profile he expresses his “appreciation for a person always committed to the business world.”

Alfredo Molinas (Barcelona, ​​1923) was a businessman and lawyer, and participated in the reconstruction of the main Catalan employers’ association in 1977, together with the business leader Carles Ferrer Salat, whom he replaced as president of Foment when the latter went on to lead the CEOE.

Molinas directed Foment del Treball from 1978 to 1994 and, from his position, promoted the agreement between businessmen, unions and the government of the Generalitat, a task that culminated in 1993 with the Interprofessional Agreement of Catalonia.

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It was Vice President of the CEOE and of the Port Authority of Barcelona, member of the Consortium of the Free Trade Zone, and president of the foundation of the Center for Transport Studies of the Western Mediterranean (CETMO).

Alfredo Molinas was distinguished with the Francesc Macià Medal in 2006 and, among other honorary titles, he received that of Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic and officer of the Legion of Honor of the French Republic.

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