Wednesday, September 28

Guajira guantanamera



In the same way that our coalition government takes advantage of the publication in the BOE of its decrees to draft reactive preambles, filled with spicy blood sausages and conceived as undisguised account adjustments that remove hiccups and meaning and demonize the legislative legacy of the PP, the President of the United States usually takes certain licenses when signing the laws that are put before him, which from time to time is accompanied by annexes of regret and self-indulgence. The tactic of ‘what else would I like’, a specialty of a left amply trained to say one thing and do the opposite, is the same for a broken as for an unstitched, to kick out democratic kicks to the same immigrants who

He expelled and walled up Donald Trump, a book fascist, who to keep the Guantánamo prison open, a prison in which there are no legal guarantees of a rule of law and which Barack Obama was going to close long before Biden himself promised the same during his presidential campaign. If Yolanda Díaz fails to fulfill her commitment to repeal the PP labor reform, it is because they do not leave her in Brussels, and if Joe Biden keeps that Jurassic slavery park open, it is because he did not have a real plan or disassembly instructions, with little keys from Ikea and legal fit. Nothing happens. Joe, like Yolanda, we love and appreciate for their good heart, whose beats collide with the rib cage, or carcass, of realism, that scourge.

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