Friday, July 1

happy 2030



Today our Miller would be the good Soros, whose Garicanos (the Garicano considered as a unit of measurement of centrist Tartufism) abide by 2030 as the consummation of the New Order (the kingdom of God on earth), which would constitute, as Muray glimpsed, the fourth great wave of the Reformation throughout the centuries (“after Luther’s, after 89-93, after Hitler’s”), with all its Protestant charms.

-Today Germany shows us that another policy is possible. A great coalition comes out that did not give wings to populism. My sincere congratulations to the three partners – Garicano tweeted in the role of Bonafoux’s ‘black’.

Germany, of course, embodies the thirteenth-century ideal (‘one herd, one single

people ‘), a single form of society. “The City of Good,” Muray warned, “succeeds Civitas Dei as a project of a single spiritual community gathered under the authority of a sovereign, perfectly global, perfectly fierce body.”

Spain lives on borrowed money. Its sovereign, then, is the German moneylender, who dictates the only policy to carry out, which is the social democratic dictatorship: neither socialism nor democracy; a fascism for the poor who cannot say its name, ‘burned’ where we know, and reserved for those who oppose its dictates, because, as Russell said to the US customs officer, ‘what is technically fascism, rather than the legislative subject to the executive?”.

All the pepper pices respond to such a plan, and the ideal capital of this Fourth Great Wave glimpsed by Muray would be Geneva, according to Bloy “the home of prudishness and the most abject selfishness of the modern world.”

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