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How to apply for birth aid for mothers under 30 in Madrid?

From January 1, the term is open in the Community of Madrid for the mothers under 30 request the new birth and adoption aids, a monthly subscription of 500 euros which is granted from the fifth month of pregnancy until the baby turns two years old. With this help, the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso intends to boost the birth rate and prevent the lack of economic resources from hindering the formation of a family project in the region.

Through the web or in person

The section of the regional website ‘Economic aid for births’, which collects all the information on these subsidies, includes from this Saturday the link to access the forms that applicants must submit together with the required documentation. Once completed, they may choose to process it electronically or in person.

In the first case, they must have an electronic certificate recognized by the Community of Madrid to present the application online in the regional Telematic Registry.

If you opt for the face-to-face mode, you can carry out this procedure at any regional Registry Office and through the town councils attached to the One-Stop Shop, as well as at the Registry offices of the General State Administration or by certified mail.

Processing and resolution of requests

It is estimated that the term of Processing and resolution of the application will be three months., and once it is approved, the right to the benefit will be recognized from the month in which it was presented. Payments will be made monthly through a transfer.

Women who, on January 1, are in the 21st week of gestation or later, as well as mothers who have had a child or people who have adopted a minor as of this date, will be eligible for these subsidies.

The amount will be increased by the same amount for each additional child in the case of multiple gestations, births or adoptions.

The payment will last until the last day of the month in which the minor reaches the age of two, except in the case of adoptions, in which the payment of the 24 monthly payments will not take into account the age of the minor, but will begin with the registration of the adoption in the Civil Registry.

Who can apply for the grants

The people who choose may not exceed 30 years of age and they must prove that they have been registered in an uninterrupted manner, in one or more localities of the Community of Madrid, for at least the ten years immediately prior to the date of application. They must also reside in the region during the subscription period.

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The receipt of these subsidies is compatible with the development of any remunerated work activity for their own account or for others, although the beneficiary may not exceed 30,000 euros per year in individual taxation or 36,200 euros in joint taxation for the entire family unit.

It is also compatible with the receipt of maternity aid that other administrations may offer

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