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Ibai Llanos and Ramón García, record chimes on Twitch with the gift that certifies an unlikely friendship




Tradition and modernity do not have to be at odds. This is how they showed it to say goodbye to the year Ramón García and Ibai Llanos, that took the grapes from Twitch attracting 2.2 million unique users and achieving a peak of 800,000 devices that at some point were connected to the Chimes of the, in principle, atypical couple. The ‘streamer’ pulverized the figures of last year, when it got 552.00 views.

In the main channels of linear television, the Chimes They were marked by the loss at the last minute of Ana Obregón, who tested positive for coronavirus and gave her place in the Puerta del sol to Jacob Petrus (‘Here the earth’) to accompany Anne Igartiburu in La 1. Paz Padilla could overcome the virus in time and reached those of Telecinco, which he shared with Carlos Sobera.

The most anticipated were, as always, those of Cristina Pedroche, who kept the mystery of her dress and, one more year, overshadowed Alberto Chicote.

But, for the first time, Pedroche’s dressing room did have a rival. Ramón García abandoned traditional television and dusted off the cape with which he used to drink the twelve grapes in the past and accompanied the content creator en Twitch, the live broadcasting platform owned by Amazon.

The strange couple

The Ramón García and Ibai Llanos binomial was a success, like everything the content creator touches. The latter left the computer in his room and they rented a balcony in Puerta del Sol. From 9:30 p.m., Ibai Llanos reviewed the news and months of the year with other colleagues, making time until the Chimes and Ramón García joined.

Ibai Llanos took his place and let Ramón García speak about what he knew. The presenter explained the ‘rules’ of the Chimes, so that no one began to take the grapes with the quarters. He also gave the ‘streamer’ the classic “multicolored bow tie” with which he presented, together with Ana Obregón, his first Chimes in 1995, thus materializing the generational change.

«It was like putting a pike in Flanders; a new way of communicating. In this trade, you always have to be learning and you always learn more from young people, ”said Ramón García before saying goodbye to his new audience.

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