Wednesday, September 28

The fees of more than two million freelancers increase between 96 and 225 euros




More than two million self-employed workers who contribute to the maximum and minimum bases of the system will see their contributions to the Social Security, a new load included in the Budgets that will be carried out without having negotiated it with the self-employed group.

According to the public accounts with the most spending in history, the maximum contribution base for the self-employed is set this year at 4,139.40 euros and the minimum at 960.60 euros. This growth will translate into an additional € 60 per year for the self-employed and € 76 for corporate members. This year there will also be a change in the contribution rates, which will go from the current 30.3% to 30.6%, which will mean an increase in the quota of between 36 euros and 149 euros per year for self-employed individuals and between 44 and 149 euros for corporate members, according to ATA calculations.

That is, if the increases, the bases and the types are added, the bite for the pocket of these workers will be between 96 euros and 225 euros per year, depending on whether it is for self-employed individuals or companies, depending on the organization directed by Lorenzo Amor.

The new increase in taxes that is projected in the public accounts occurs at a very delicate moment in which the self-employed are struggling to emerge afloat in an adverse context due to the impact of the Covid and by policies that have ended up becoming a dart in full waterline of millions of businesses.

Amor also made his forecasts for 2022 clear. In his opinion, during the new year a path of economic growth and job creation will be maintained, although, he warned, it will be “much smoother” than the one foreseen by the Government, as that he reproached having been “too optimistic without having his feet on the ground” because the recovery “is not so consolidated.” “Right now we are better than last year in terms of economic growth and job creation, but undoubtedly we have neither come out stronger nor have we yet defeated the virus», He warned in an interview with Ep. In addition, he remarked that “many self-employed are paying double rent, one for the current month and another for the postponement granted in the months where it was closed, and you have to bill a lot to pay that, to which is added the price of electricity, that it has been multiplied by two and by three; of raw materials and the increase in labor costs; the increase in contributions and the increase in taxes ”.

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