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The killers club: from Tomás groaning to Lardero’s pedophile

The face of a dead child leaves a mark, but less than the name of the murderer who took his life. Anna, Olivia, Leo, Leyre, Álex, Antonio David … Some were killed by their parents; to another, a vermin that he crossed on his afternoon of games; at last, incapacitated, his mother’s madness threw him into a limbo of which nothing is known. They are cases that they stir consciences and turn stomachs. But the list is broader and more disparate, almost impossible to follow unless the crime was committed in the context of gender violence, which continues to add pain: 43 women, plus three cases under investigation, and seven children murdered by their father to hurt

death to their mothers. It’s called vicarious violence.

In the first nine months of the year there were 206 homicides and murders, an average of 22 a month. Surprisingly, violent deaths fell 11 percent from last year in the midst of the pandemic. Spain continues to register below 300 crimes per year and is at the bottom of the ten European countries where people kill the least, according to Eurostat. But that is no consolation for those who lose a son, a mother, a brother, a wife …

The homicidal typology, in addition to the one already mentioned in the domestic sphere, ranges from executions between drug traffickers for drug dumps or assaults on daycare centers, fights settled to death blow or stabbing slum, sons or brothers eager for easy money to appease the monkey, pimps without restraint, uncontrolled jealousy, revenge between clans or organizations, crimes to obtain loot, or human packs like the one that ended the life of Samuel Luiz in La Coruña. In nine months there were also other 746 attempted homicides. The victims were saved and now live with fear or hatred, and aspire to find justice and peace. These are some of the crimes that once again confronted us with the mirror of evil. Love, hate, money … There were others just as painful and a lot of nonsense. Like the last one: a girl only three years old.

January: The acid attack of ‘El Melillero’

José Arcadio ‘the Melillero‘, an individual with a string of antecedents, accompanied by another criminal, doused his ex-girlfriend Sandra, and a friend of hers, Cristina with sulfuric acid (or ordered the action). It happened on January 12 in Cártama (Málaga). The victim was admitted to the ICU in critical condition, although they managed to save his life. He escaped and took refuge in a hiding place where he was arrested and is in prison, along with several accomplices. “I’m going to destroy that pretty face you have”, had threatened her. Malaga is the fourth province in which more murders were committed until September (13). Also in January, on the 21st, a woman and her partner allegedly beat up Leyre, her two-year-old baby, in Zaragoza. The girl had numerous old fractures.

February: the crime of the brother, the work of his lover

Carlos Almiñana, 67, was found tied up and dead in his apartment in Gandía (Valencia) on February 24. Fifteen days later, the Police arrested her lover, a 29-year-old Panamanian, who ransacked him after killing him, and spent 5,000 euros with his credit card with which he sowed a trail of clues. Almiñana, single, was a very dear and discreet brother who lived alone. Valencia accumulated 14 murders in nine months only behind Barcelona and Madrid. In the middle of the month, two other sexist crimes were recorded in Sestao and Madrid.

March: the killer killed the nurse

Some Sickly jealousies They were the unreason that moved Gonzalo, a health emergency technician who on March 6 ended the life of Sergio García, 41 years old. Accused the victim, nurse and a trade unionist at the Hospital Princesa de Asturias de Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), to maintain a relationship with his girlfriend, although both denied it. He cut his throat, stabbed him in the eye and in the testicles and barricaded himself in a room in the health center until the police arrested him. Madrid is the second province where more crimes have been committed.

Tomás Gimeno killed his two daughters Anna and Olivia and threw them to the bottom of the sea – ABC

April: Anna and Olivia: an underwater grave

The angelic smiles, the innocent voice of Olivia and the babbling of Anna remained nailed in the heart of half the world. His father, Thomas GimenoHe boarded his boat in Tenerife with the 6 and 1-year-old girls on April 27 and threatened his ex-wife, Beatriz, that he was not going to see them again. An oceanographic ship, a sonar, a state-of-the-art robot, dozens of civil guards, international cooperation …ten nautical miles tracked inch by inch and nearly two months of inhuman suffering ended on June 23. That day it was found Olivia’s corpse, weighed down with the ship’s anchor and another empty backpack where the murderer put the body of little Anna. Given the depth and conditions of that sea grave, the rescuers had to give up continuing to search for the remains of the baby and his father. Gimeno has joined the list of the worst sexist criminals. He killed the mother of the two creatures while he was alive. Olivia has yet to be buried half a year later. Her mother wanted to publicly thank the affection received in a massive farewell to her daughter.

May: seven macho murders and a child

The bloody May, recently lifted the restrictions due to the state of alarm, ended with seven women murdered by their partners and the son of one of them. Guadalajara, Sagunto, Mallorca, Tarragona, Barcelona, ​​Asturias and Zaragoza were the places where they occurred. Several of the victims had previously reported their attacker, but that measure did not save their lives. Only 20 percent of the women murdered this year by their partners or ex had reported it.

June: Wafaa spent eighteen months in a well

The UCO found the body of Wafaa Sebbah, 19, on June 17 at a well of Carcaixent (Valencia) to which the murderer led the agents after being arrested the day before. The young woman had been missing since November 2019 and the autopsy confirmed that she was thrown there around that time. David Soler, ‘el Tuvi’, with a history of gender violence among others, suffocated her and shot her with a pellet shotgun. The victim was naked from the waist down so investigators they claim he sexually assaulted herBut the time that has elapsed –more than 18 months– plays against the evidence.

July: the pack surrounded Samuel to the end

Death to blows and kicks of Samuel Luiz the early morning of July 3 in La Coruña was a commotion and an exercise in political skating. Police never called it a hate crime (the victim was homosexual and a witness assured that the aggressors called him a fag), but the label encouraged slogans of all kinds. It was the savage act of a human pack that surrounded him and attacked him. Was seven detainees, two of them 16 and 17 years old, and five of the aggressors remain in prison.

Two images of the murdered young man from A Coruña, Samuel Luiz
Two images of the murdered young man from A Coruña, Samuel Luiz – ABC

August: kill your baby in a hotel

Martín Ezequiel Álvarez, 44, took his two-year-old son Leo to spend the night with him on August 24. He had separated from the boy’s mother a week before. That afternoon he did not take Leo to a house, but to the Hotel Concordia in Barcelona. From there he sent a message to his ex: “I leave you at the hotel what you deserve”. I finished of drown the child with a pillow. He escaped through a window and a terrace. He went to El Prat airport by taxi, although he did not flee very far. After an intense search by the Mossos d’Esquadra that lasted for two long weeks, he was found hanged with his belt in a nearby wooded area, next to a canal. Gimeno’s story, a crime as revenge against his ex-wife, was repeated for the second time in less than four months. Barcelona it was until september the province with the most crimes (26) and more sexual assaults.

September: Antonio David’s mother does not remember

Macarena Díaz appeared disoriented at a Segovia gas station on September 13. He claimed that he had thrown his son into a container in Madrid. The woman, who suffers Bipolar disorder, Has offered Distinct versionsyou since then. The previous afternoon, she left her home in Morón de la Frontera (Seville) with 15-year-old David, who suffered from a severe disability and was in a wheelchair. The mother said that when he left Seville the child was already dead. Also that he died later and got rid of the body and the chair. She was admitted to a psychiatric unit and since then the police are looking for the body of the victim. First in containers, to no avail, and later in the Pinto and Valdemingómez landfills. She while she leads a normal life in her town, after being provisionally released.

October: Lardero, the free and recidivist pedophile

Álex was nine years old and had a permanent smile, according to those who knew him. He loved to dress up. The 28th at night dressed as the exorcist girl and he played with his brother and several friends in a park in Lardero (La Rioja), a few meters from his parents. From a bench in the semi-darkness, an individual called him. The claim, its birds or a puppy, it does not matter. The little boy crossed the street with him, straight to death. Francisco Javier Almeida, 54, convicted of rape and murder, he had been free for 18 months suspended after serving 22 years in jail. Nobody knew that he lived there and that he stalked the kids. Alex mistook him for a girl and strangled him, just a few meters from where his parents were looking for him, 15 minutes after kidnapping him. Only the intervention of the Civil Guard prevented him from being lynched when they discovered him with the child’s body in his arms on the landing of the block where he lived.

Francisco Javier Almeida, who had been on probation for 18 months, killed nine-year-old Alex in Lardero
Francisco Javier Almeida, who had been on probation for 18 months, killed nine-year-old Alex in Lardero – EFE

November: Revenge of clans in the graveyard

A double crime on All Saints’ Day and in the cemetery. It happened in Torrent (Valencia), where two clans fought each other. One of the victims was a 79-year-old man, foreign to both families, who had come to the cemetery to visit the grave of a relative. He was hit by a stray bullet when a member of the ‘Bocanegra’ clan shot two of his rivals in a family confrontation that has lasted for years. The other victim was 45 years old and also had several shots. His 20-year-old son was injured. Researchers know that revenge is not over.

December: another murderous and suicidal father

On New Year’s Eve, Julien Charlon, a 47-year-old photographer, killed his three-year-old daughter in the Lavapiés neighborhood of Madrid and committed suicide. The mother, from whom she was in the process of separation, assured the police that the relationship was cordial, in fact they lived in two blocks opposite each other. The father left a goodbye note. Agents describe the found scenario as “terrible.” Each body in a room. No complaints.

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