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The luxury submarine inspired by a cinema designed for the whole family to travel inside

Since the coronavirus entered our lives, habits have changed, including the way we manage leisure time. With regard to travel, the getaways that ensure independence are the most successful, hence the sale of private islands, motorhomes that they have nothing to envy to the best hotels, or mega yachts that exude luxury have become some of the favorite investments among millionaires.

Everything related to the world of navigation has experienced a great boom, where it is worth highlighting this new project that seems to become one of the favorites among millionaires. Nothing more and nothing less than a movie theater-inspired submarine that offers a panoramic view of the sea.

Its design exudes luxury and elegance – © Triton Submarines

The model, called Triton 660/9 AVA It is designed so that eight people can comfortably move inside it, who can carry out all kinds of meetings under the sea. It has approximately three times more volume than double hull submersibles similar in size, giving you the flexibility to design a unique customer experience.

It has three times the breadth of similar submarines
It has three times the breadth of similar submarines – © Triton Submarines

They explain that the success of their design resides in the type of hull, a completely different ‘free form’ model from ordinary submarines, offering a 360 shape that allow, in addition to detailed views of the ocean, a greater spaciousness in its interior that is further maximized thanks to the arrangement of the seats, with swivel and modular chairs that allow the interior to be reorganized according to the needs of the occupants.

It is designed for all kinds of celebrations to be held
It is designed for all kinds of celebrations to be held – © Triton Submarines

According to the website, it is raised for dinner parties, cocktails, casino games, and even intimate weddingsIt all depends on its occupants, but of course the house ensures that it has all the comforts for an unprecedented experience. To this should be added his stylish futuristic design and the ability to customize external and internal colors and upholstery to make it even more exclusive.

Another of its key points is the ambient lighting and surround sound, which together with the temperature control offer all the ingredients for the perfect comfort. In addition, it has an autonomy of 12 hours and is capable of descending up to 200 meters and is also designed to be included in yachts or cruises, as one more attraction that makes the trip unique.

It will be a revolution for lovers of navigation
It will be a revolution for lovers of navigation – © Triton Submarines

As for his maintenance, It is quite comfortable as it is designed in such a way that revisions, rolling repairs and configuration changes can be carried out at sea, without the need to return to port.

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