Sunday, October 2

The petty



From March 2019 to this second day of 2022, we have been able to witness constant examples of pettiness and generosity. I remember that hoarding attack that led to the picturesque disappearance of toilet paper in stores and markets, as a kind of metaphor that everything was going to shit and, hence, the deduction that it would take a lot of toilet paper. Or the generous show of sacrifice and solidarity of doctors and health personnel, who prompted us to come out to applaud them from windows and balconies … until we get tired, because nothing tires as much as gratitude. Or those selfish ones who rejected a nurse who risked her life for others, and whom her neighbors

They urged him to go live elsewhere, not to infect them, one of those infamy lessons for any anthology.

Extreme situations, such as wars or pandemics, bring to light our virtues and our vices, and we have attended the parade of charitable people, who brought food to the home of people who lived alone, and the exhibition of the selfish people who preferred to ignore them. And I even came to think that a situation like the one we are going through was the closest circumstance to bring together all the political forces in a common front, which shows that turning years does not free us from naivety.

For this reason, we can affirm that the most base, the meanest, have been the politicians who, in the midst of this catastrophe, have not been able to disguise that their only ambition has been to preserve or increase power, instead of putting themselves at the service of the society. Those decree laws, which had nothing to do with the virus that killed us, taking advantage of the unconstitutional state of alarm, are a monument to meanness.

If a volcano were to erupt in Montserrat, I imagine citizens, as on the island of La Palma, offering their houses to those who had been left without them, and secessionist politicians making forms in Catalan to deny aid to those who They will fill them out in Spanish.

How despicable, how base, how obscenely egotistical! I hope this year is better for everyone, although they will not be able to erase this painful parade of nonsense, this cynicism about some dead that they have not even known how to count.

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