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An 80-year-old woman dies after receiving a push from her husband in the Valencian town of Miramar




An eighty-year-old woman has died in the Valencian town of Miramar, after receiving a push from her husband – also an octogenarian – who turned out to be fatal due to the strong impact against the ground. Minutes before, the couple had a heated discussion.

As the newspaper has advanced
“The Provinces”
, the events took place last Saturday, January 1, in Taona de Miramar street, La Safor region. The Judicial Police and the judge on duty traveled there to remove the body. The crime is investigated as a possible case of sexist violence, which if confirmed would be the first of the year 2022.

Marriage, both with reduced mobility, they had a strong discussion that ended with the man push his wife, which suffered a fatal impact on the ground.

The mayor of the Valencian town, Pilar Peiró, explained to the same newspaper that she hopes that it is not a case of gender violence and “it is only an unfortunate fact”, since the man has a higher degree of dependence than the victim.

The first mayor also confirmed that it was the deceased woman who cared for her husband, although she also carried crutches to walk. He also explained that it was the man who went out to the street at midnight to call for help and that I was not aware of any problems.

The man, who has been arrested and is admitted to the Gandía hospital, did not have a history of gender violence. The Civil Guard has taken over the investigation of the events.

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