Thursday, September 29

Barcelona Activa managed some 1,800 job offers in 2021

The economic and labor intermediation agency of the Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Activa, managed through its job some 1,800 offers in 2021: 1,600 for employment contracts and 200 for internship contracts. Thus, Barcelona Activa has managed about 5 offers a day that have involved the incorporation of 800 people throughout 2021 in jobs in different sectors located in the Catalan capital and the metropolitan area, reports the Barcelona City Council in a statement this Sunday.

The most requested profiles by registered companies are programming developer; dependent on multipurpose commerce and sales; general administrative and accounting, commercial, production and logistics; dependent on food stores; and commercial salesperson in the marketing sector.

Waiter profiles in restaurants; kitchen assistant, in tourism, hospitality and restaurants; Administrative assistant in offices and computer engineer in programming and systems technician, they also appear among the ten most requested.

87% of the offers are located in the city of Barcelona and those of the business sector, telecommunications, information and communication technologies (ICT), commerce and tourism predominate.

Digital skills

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17.6% are profiles linked to ICT that require a high degree of digital skills and that are found within the fields of telecommunications, advertising company services, public relations and marketing, audiovisual communication, multimedia communication and business management .

38% of the total are permanent positions, 55% are contracts of more than 6 months, and 7% are for a period of less than 6 months; about 78% are full days and the rest are part-time.

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