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There is no ‘Cachitos’ spirit. Being funny is a lifelong thing. Ágata Lys thus introduced the guy who played Orzowei in ‘Aplauso’: «He has been singing the song in Spanish». TVE has always been at the forefront. Also when there was nothing else. For this reason, the best thing about New Year’s Eve was the special of ‘The happy twenty’, with Nacho Vigalondo and his family talking with Javier Gurruchaga of ‘The Last Supper’, the special of ’88. But it was also the best for giving the grapes with The cast of the movie ‘Holy spirit’by Chema García Ibarra. From Elche. From Bar Charlie!

I say about the ‘Cachitos’ spirit because there are those who see it in Martín Llade, commentator of the New Year’s Concert,

to whom Cristina Pedroche seemed a knight of the zodiac. Nothing about what Antonio Jiménez seemed, with Rosa López, in Thirteen. A Geyperman.

Rosa López, María del Monte (Canal Sur) and Pedroche (Atresmedia) are bellwomen who drink the grapes. The adorable Rosa López also spoke with her mouth full. In his case it does not matter a bit. Anne Gartiburu (always superior) was accompanied by Jacob Petrus. May the wish not be a better New Year for our children but better children for the planet, said the uncle. Neither Igartiburu, who also spoke of empathy, needed a replacement for Obregón nor Ibai Llanos for Ramón García to accompany him (the veteran making the wrong year, touch your cape).

The worst thing about the Chimes is the tabarra. Apart from the little speeches, about the rooms. We have failed as a country if it still needs to be explained. And even more so when Coca Cola caps or other advertising gimmicks come out accompanying the chimes. I wish a chain where there was no presenter. Just the clock and some indicative sign.

‘Cachitos’ was an invention for New Year’s Eve that fell apart and has opened franchises of moral and intellectual superiority. Laughing at Francis (not the Pope), you have to see. Or go to La Central. Oops, how many books. What of Raffaella Carrá it was a pain in the ass. Who wants to hear Ana Guerra sing ‘In love everything is beginning’ as an album from 45 to 33? Exploooota, explooota … What pain, what pain.

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