Wednesday, September 28

Covid sick leave triples in three weeks in Catalonia

  • The explosion of infections due to the omicron variant means that in 21 days, work absences go from 27,249 to 79,484

The sixth wave of the pandemic has raised the positives in Catalonia to a record number of 123,927 cases in the last seven days, double that of the previous week, which has caused tripled sick leave from the Constitution Bridge, although experts place the peak of infections during the next week.

Catalonia detects an average of 17,700 infections a day through all kinds of tests, including pharmacy self-tests that are communicated to the health system, a prevention measure that many citizens have resorted to during the Christmas holidays and that has also contributed to raising diagnostics.

With the omicron variant reigning, one out of every four Catalans who undergoes a test (24.99%) tests positive, far from the 5% that the World Health Organization (WHO) considers as the limit of control of the epidemic.

With this explosion of the virus, the casualties have also experienced significant growth: 27,249 the week of December 9 to 16, 45,117 the week of December 17 to 23 and 79,484 between December 24 and 30, according to the Department of Health.


They can request sick leave positive, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic, and close contacts who are not vaccinated, since these are the cases in which a person is obliged to keep a quarantine which, recently, has been reduced from 10 to 7 days (if there are no symptoms).

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Catalonia wanted to extend the quarantine to vaccinated close contacts, but finally, in order not to generate confusion, it reversed itself in order to align itself with the criteria of the Ministry of Health, which obliges only those not vaccinated to confine themselves.

Since last December 27, people who have a positive result with a pharmacy autosample test should not repeat the test in the CAPs -to avoid saturating them more- and can process the sick leave electronically.

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