Thursday, September 29

Evil of many



The only thing the Government is right, or specifically its president, is that everyone, large and small, rich and poor, have problems, are concerned, with the virus, the economy, the lack of solutions and the lack of solutions. Apart from the fact that the evil of many is a fool’s remedy, only Pedro Sánchez maintains optimism and a smile. Let’s go list:

Putin is determined that Russia maintain not only superpower status, which is provided by the megatons in its nuclear arsenals, but also a cushion of neutralized countries around it as a lifeline. Without appearing to have succeeded. As during the Hegira of pure communism, Moscow made it easy for many Russians to

transfer to these satellite countries with good salaries and positions, there is in all of them a Russian colony that fears losing its influence and Moscow seems ready to support them, going so far as to support their incorporation into the Russian Federation, as has happened in Crimea. The next crisis may erupt in Ukraine, on whose border with Russia both armies are making disturbing maneuvers. And Putin warning that he does not want NATO troops there. Something similar happens to Biden. His departure from Afghanistan, unmatched by Vietnam’s, was quite similar and it will be a long time before small countries regain their trust in the United States. If they get it back. It also doesn’t help him that he doesn’t keep his promise to close Guantánamo. Or the explosions of racial violence in your country. With a Trump threatening to return to seek the presidency and the hard core of supporters supporting him.

To end the superpowers, China. The last two years have not been a happy one for a regime on the road to world supremacy. Having been the cradle of the biggest epidemic in recent times puts a question mark on the Chinese model and its ability to raise the standard of living of its people. Its attempt to control its part of the Pacific Ocean has alarmed the United States that considers it its ‘mare nostrum’, and although the Chinese do not seek to export their model but their products, they can collide there.

From Europe, what can I tell you? That after having dominated oceans and continents, it is invaded by people of all of them, who can crush it, having no capacity to absorb them. You know as much about our country as I do. We have been in the 21st century for more than a fifth and we still have not been able to agree not on what we want, but on who we are, which is the worst thing that can happen to a people. But we are going to leave that for another day and accept the presidential excuse that everyone is wrong. Minus him.

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