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Nine movies and series to watch in streaming if you liked ‘Don’t look up’

Whether you are one of those who have been stunned that a Netflix blockbuster sends such a clear and open message or if you are one of those who rather thought that the proposal was a bit tepid, the truth is that ‘Do not look up’ is not has left no one indifferent. An impressive cast of stars and a satirical and combative portrait of the institutions shape the latest success of the platform. And if you want more, we have alternatives: 9 other films that share some of his responding and sarcastic DNA.

‘Red phone? We fly to Moscow ‘

Often times the sensational works that Stanley Kubrick left us, the great part of his filmography, the two thousand and one, the glitters and the clockwork oranges overshadow part of his other cinema, which is unfairly considered “minor”. ‘Red phone? We fly to Moscow ‘es a satire small in size but capital in ambition that feeds on the terrors of the nuclear holocaust that unleashed the Cold War. ‘Don’t Look Up’ clearly draws inspiration from his vision of a bureaucracy that hinders attention to priority issues, and of course there are parallels between two shows we love to hate: Ron Perlman’s Benedict Drask and Major TJ. ” King “Kong by Slim Pickens.

‘Network. An unforgiving world ‘

Another of the most obvious references of ‘Don’t look up’, a classic satirical comedy punctuated by also considerably bitter moments. Here, too, we start from a portrait of a labor sector, that of television news, which has no problem exploiting a very serious problem to gain an audience. Sidney Lumet directs an impressive cast of stars (Faye Dunaway, William Holden, Peter Finch, Robert Duvall) deserving of three Oscars along with his script, and is one of those films whose snapshot of a moment does not prevent him from talking about topics that follow us worrying and continue to condition our lives.


One of the great works of Adam McKay, director of ‘Don’t Look Up’, is the script and direction of the pilot of ‘Succession’, one of the key pieces of the current HBO Max. He also directed the first episode of the first season and has remained with the series as an executive producer and creative force. The series bears its stamp on the multiple characters and on the criticism of a very specific establishment that branches out into multiple rungs of power, from the media to the president of the nation.

‘South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut’

Choral cast, apocalyptic background, frontal humor and Cudgels to all kinds of social classes, with the protagonists almost as mere witnesses of the chaos that is unleashed around him. Perfect for a double show with the even better ‘Team America’ (you don’t have it in streaming, possibly because of Matt Damon) his tactic of strafing absolutely everything that moves sometimes works better and sometimes worse, but rarely as formally brilliant as in this musical that kicks off when kids watch a swearing Canadian show.

‘The big bet’

Before taking a relative turn in his filmography with this film, Adam McKay had directed some of the best films of Will Ferrell, which is said soon: ‘Past of turns’, ‘The reporter’ or ‘Brothers by balls’, in addition to series that are comic gold such as ‘De culo y Costarmo’. However, the DNA of ‘Do not look up’ is beginning to take shape in this turn towards more “serious” comedies, which in this case was rewarded with overwhelming critical success. An impression casting (Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt) tells the true story of a group of economists who make their fortune by going against what logic dictated when predicting the behavior of the financial market.

‘In the Loop’

One of the best political satires of recent years, directed by the always relentless Armando Iannucci from his masterful series ‘The Thick of It’ (also on Filmin). It is a satire of the always strained relations between the United States and Great Britain, and draws a devastating parallel with the invasion of Iraq, although here the start is much more delusional, with inappropriate statements by the Prime Minister as the starting gun. Peter Capaldi is simply sensational savoring poisonous lines of dialogue so poisonous they deserve to be framed.

‘Signals of the future’

Little less than the serious version of ‘Do not look up’, although it also works in its own way as a conspiracy comedy. An MIT professor rescues from a time capsule a mysterious list of numbers that, once deciphered, allow him to predict all kinds of catastrophes, including the end of the world. Of course, nobody believes him. ANDhe flamboyant style (directed Dark City … and ‘Gods of Egypt’) by Alex Proyas is put at the service of a Cage unleashed at times in a very solemn film but that passes in a sigh.

'Finch': Tom Hanks displays the most emotional side of the end of the world on Apple TV +, in a film 'Pixar style' but in real image

‘Seeking a Friend for the End of the World’

Comedies about the end of the world are in abundance, some as notorious as ‘Zombieland’, ‘Zombies Party’ or the series ‘The last man alive’. This one is recent and not as well known, but it’s worth taking it back for the tremendous incarnations of Steve Carell and Keira Knightley. and because of the bitter residue that it drops in history: in addition, everything starts when a mission to destroy an asteroid that is going to collide with Earth fails. Abandoned by their partners, the protagonists undertake one last journey to reconnect with those they love. The message is clear: you have no control over the future of humanity, so take care of what you have to do.


Another serious version of the theme of ‘Do not look up’, is more aligned with the traditional cinema of catastrophes and therefore with the mother of the recent lamb of the genre, the already semi-forgotten ‘2012’. Here we have an asteroid about to hit Earth and a raffle for some lucky families to survive in sheltersWhich is a semi-satyrical McKay-style idea. Attentive to the most human and dramatic side of the story, it presents a Gerard Butler in a very different wave from that of ‘Geostorm’. Which is perfect, yes, for a crazy double show with this one.

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