Sunday, October 2

Nuclear power, late and bad



Almost four decades ago, Extremadura experienced the stoppage of the Valdecaballeros nuclear power plant as a collective, territorial, identity success. It turned out to be a calamity, much celebrated in squares and classrooms, because by then progressive piousness had become the dominant and omnipresent discourse. Valdecaballeros was closed before opening and today is the day that they still have not found an industrial alternative while Almaraz, the other central, continues to be one of the jewels of the region. The errors of ideology cause concrete and quantifiable damages. The moratorium brought the Spanish a competitive disadvantage and the Extremadurans, poverty and a chronic shortage of new jobs. The reorientation of the EU incorporating nuclear energy into the green category

It already takes us badly as a country, with the pace changed, to the point that the large national companies are suspicious of a bet outside their strategic plans after abandoning it due to political impositions.

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