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Prince Andrew could be forced to stop using his title if he loses the sexual abuse lawsuit

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The recent condemnation of the British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell in the United States for recruiting teenagers so that the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein he sexually abused them, and the possibility that in order to reduce his years in prison he will begin to reveal names of famous people, has made some in Buckingham Palace tremble. So much so that, according to the ‘Sunday Times’, the possibility of asking the duke of york stop using your real title if you lose the lawsuit filed in New York court against you for Virginia Giuffre, a victim of Epstein who claims that she was sexually abused at least three times by the one known as the ‘favorite son’ of the Queen isabel II when she was 17 years old.

At the center of the Palace’s decisions is the protection of the image of the queen and the monarchy, which is why the Duke of York already had to abandon his royal duties at the end of 2019, after granting an interview to the BBC in the one who tried to clean up his image due to his controversial relationship with Epstein, of whom he was a close friend. However, the interview was catastrophic and ended up causing the opposite of what the prince wanted, forcing him to take a step back from his public appearances. However, the situation could go further this time, and the prince could be sent into ‘internal exile’, according to sources cited by the British newspaper, as he would be asked to leave the ties he still maintains, albeit with a low profile, with some charities and “could not” be sent abroad “due to the risk of extradition” if required by the US justice, which has tried to speak with him on multiple occasions, without success.

It would be more difficult for the monarch to strip him of his title, since “it was the title that his father had, George VI, before he became King and she gave it to her favorite son, “who nevertheless” has dishonored that title, “said the source. This week, the queen’s son’s lawyers will try to have the lawsuit against him dismissed, since, among other reasons, they allege that the New York court has no jurisdiction since Giuffre lives in Australia.

Ian Maxwell, 65, and Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother, for his part, declared to the British press that his sister is not willing to disclose the names of other people linked to the plot of sexual abuse of women, many of them under the age of only 14 years, although that might give him the possibility of a shorter sentence. Maxwell, 60, “will appeal her conviction,” said her brother, who called her “a fighter” and “a survivor.” “The prosecution confirmed that no offers of plea bargain were made or received” before the trial, he said, adding that his hope is that the situation “remains that way,” while awaiting sentencing.

Both Prince Andrew and the one known as Epstein’s ‘madame’, of whom he was also a friend, claim to be innocent of the accusations against him, but sources close to the duke cited by the tabloids say that he fears that his name will come to light if Maxwell is pressured to reach an agreement with the prosecution. The relationship was so close between the three that during Maxwell’s trial a photograph was even shown of her and Epstein relaxing together on a property at Scotland’s Balmoral Castle, one of the Queen’s private residences.

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