Sunday, October 2

The incredible streak of DeRozan, hero at the end of the year and at the start of 2021



There are players who finish their career and never get a winning basket. It is not easy to hold your nerves in the final moments and hit the rim when the pressure tightens. It is not the case of DeMar DeRozan, the escort of the Bulls, who has found the target in two consecutive games.

Last night, in the first stake of the Chicago franchise in 2022, it was the Wizards who dominated with a few seconds left. The Bulls threw out of band and everyone knew who the ball was going to go to. Prepared the defense Washington, with two men on him, but it was useless. He faked the first DeRozan and, with the second on top, he shot to score the triple of the victory.

Only two days before, when 2021 was dying, the escort had starred in a similar action. This time, before Pacers, raised the ball and planted in front of the basket. He looked at the clock and, when time was up, he got up to nail the triple and leave his rival without reply.

Two actions that unleashed the madness on the Bulls bench and that confirm DeRozan as one of the most effective players in the final seconds.

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