Wednesday, September 28

The PP admits that the labor reform is “less bad than expected” although insufficient

Cs sees the agreement between the employer and the union as a “reason for celebration” and considers that Parliament has a “moral obligation” to respect it

The PP begins to see with better eyes the labor reform that he agreed Yolanda Diaz with unions and employers. Although Pablo Casado quickly announced that they will oppose the rule in Congress, the Parliamentary spokeswoman for the Conservatives, Cuca gamarra, has admitted that the agreed reform is “less bad than expected“However, that does not mean that for their training” it is enough “and, for the moment, they are still installed in the ‘no’.

“That in the end the counter-reform has been less bad than expected, does not mean that it is enough for us. We aspire not to something less bad but to something good and something for the future, not something that also undoes a path that has been good. for Spain “, he assured in an interview with Europa Press. Specifically, the popular leader has regretted that part of the rule that Mariano Rajoy promoted in 2012 is being broken down and that, as he has said, allowed Spain to create more than 3 million jobs.

In addition, Gamarra recalled that the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor did not achieve the unanimous support of the CEOE. “The reality is that there are sectors, such as the automotive industry or agriculture, or regional employers’ associations such as Madrid or Catalonia that have not endorsed this agreement.“He has sentenced. Nor does he have the ‘yes’ of ERC or EH Bildu, although the popular spokesperson has predicted that they will end up reaching an agreement with the Executive because” this is the best possible government for them. ”

The search for support

In a very different position is Citizens. The orange parliamentary speaker, Edmundo bal, has stated that the agreement between the Government, employers and unions is a “cause for celebration” and has assured that “Parliament has a moral obligation to respect that agreement, but has to incorporate its own decisions“In addition, he has been satisfied that the new labor reform includes some of the measures that Cs has been proposing since its inception.

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Even so, Bal has pointed out that the reform remains “very short“:” The crux of the reform is the missed opportunity. In order to try to please everyone, no one is pleased. They do not satisfy their partners, who have already said that they do not support it, but neither is a courageous, revolutionary reform being undertaken, which would ensure that we would not have the need to reform the labor framework in ten years, and above all for free, financed by the EU. “In this sense, he has asked Pedro Sánchez to clarify with whom he intends to negotiate the text to achieve approval in Congress: if with his” usual partners “or with his party.

Despite the lack of support to carry out the royal decree law as it passes through Congress, the second vice president has maintained in an interview in El País that “it is very difficult to say no to labor reform“and” whoever makes it fail will have to explain it to the workers. “

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