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When is Holy Week in 2022? Dates and calendar

When is the Holy Week It is one of the main doubts that arise when thinking about the 2022 work calendar. On this occasion, spring break will fall between Saturday 9 and Monday 18 April.

A large part of the population takes advantage of these dates to leave the city, make a getaway and go to second homes or places of rest. However, it is still too early to predict if next Easter will continue to be restrictions due to the covid pandemic.

On what date is Easter

The dates of Holy Week They are determined from the lunar calendar. Thus, the Sunday after the first full moon after the onset of spring in the northern hemisphere is Easter Sunday (also called Glory or Resurrection), which can fall between March 22 and April 25. From there, the rest of the dates are distributed, which in 2022 are as follows:

  • Palm Sunday: April 10

  • Holy Monday: April 11

  • Holy Tuesday: April 12

  • Holy Wednesday: April 13

  • Holy Thursday: April 14

  • Good Friday: April 15

  • Holy Saturday: April 16

  • Resurrection Sunday: April 17

  • Easter Monday: April 18

Starting from Easter Sunday, the days of Lent are also fixed and, consequently, of the Carnival. Lent, which consists of 40 days, begins on Ash Wednesday -which will be March 2 in 2022- and ends on Holy Thursday -April 14- (Sundays are not included). Therefore, the Carnival Saturday will be February 26.

Set dates

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The change in the dates of Holy Week affects economic activity, tourism, commerce and the school calendar. This instability would end if Pope Francis’ plan to establish a fixed date for Easter (the second or third Sunday in April) went ahead, so that it ceases to depend on astral conjunctions.

The purpose of the Pontiff is to unify the Catholic date of this holiday with that of the Orthodox, separated from Rome since the 11th century. The initiative, which seems stalled despite having received the backing of several Spanish bishops, would mean a change that would be noticeable in the lives of millions of people.

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