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A pandemic law is necessary: ​​Pedro Sánchez as Pilatos before the Covid-19




Only the arrogance of Sánchez prevents him from accepting the outstretched hand and the solutions of Pablo Casado, to approve a pandemic law that will serve to face the Covid in a coordinated and safe way. Pedro Sánchez prefers to avoid responsibilities and hide in the autonomous communities to try not to answer to anyone for his failures. What the social-communist government does is not co-governance but irresponsibility.

Socialists speak of co-governance when making shared decisions, when they systematically refuse to apply a pandemic law that facilitates co-governance and decision-making in the autonomous communities in an effective way, but also legal and respectful of constitutional guarantees.

Nobody understands that we do not have a pandemic law.

Casado has been demanding this law, an alternative legal plan, an ordinary legislation that helps to manage the pandemic and save lives for more than a year and a half. Let it be certain. We want the autonomous communities to have legal and useful and effective support. It is necessary to have legal guarantees and to be able to work together to end the pandemic.

It is necessary to avoid legislative and judicial chaos with 17 autonomous communities applying different measures. It is urgent to provide a legal framework, which gives protection to all administrations to face not only Covid-19, but any epidemic or health crisis that may arise.

It is important to be equipped with ordinary legislation so as not to have to resort to a state of alarm when it is not necessary. The PP legal plan is a legal framework to avoid conflicts and be more efficient. This is indeed co-governance.

The Sánchez government spends more time defending itself against its lousy image due to its disastrous management, than protecting citizens in health. A government exclusively dedicated to lies and propaganda.

Right now, Moncloa is the epicenter of chaos, the Sánchez government is an explosive cocktail of mistakes, improvisation and folly, of arrogance, lies and incompetence. An adolescent government, and childish. A government that whitens and normalizes the intolerable. A government with a lot of posture, a lot of effort for the story and no management. A story to resist doing political trilerismo. The government of the inept. A government that lacks realism and lacks tactism.

A government that is dedicated to externalizing its faults and mutualizing its responsibilities and failures.

Sánchez, when he has a problem that he does not know how to solve, goes to co-governance in a mean way, with the sole purpose of blaming others, in this case the autonomous communities and he washes his hands like Pilatos. There is an irresponsible abandonment of functions of this Government.

A government that has not assumed any political responsibility for the two unconstitutional states of alarm.

Pedro Sánchez is a bad president who denied the risks of Covid in February 2020, which a month later allowed the 8M demonstrations, later he lied to us with the non-existent committee of experts, who failed with his sole command when it came to acquiring material health, a Government that closed the transparency portal, a Government with dramatic numbers of deaths and health infected with Covid. A useless, frivolous and irresponsible government.

Pedro Sánchez is responsible for the disastrous health and economic management, The Economist certifies that the Spanish economy was the worst managed during the pandemic.

It is a superb and arrogant government, whose sole and ultimate goal is its permanence in power.

And that arrogance and arrogance is what makes Pedro Sánchez not accept the pandemic law, just because it has been proposed by the Popular Party.

A necessary pandemic law to reinforce, coordinate and streamline the health system in health emergencies. A law to reinforce equality, quality and greater and better homogenization and efficiency in the decision-making that must be adopted. A law that gives certainty and security to the autonomous communities and the rest of the administrations. A practical and flexible legal framework with full constitutional guarantees.

It is of Justice to value the great work of the health workers, the greatness of the Spanish civil society, of administrations such as the autonomous communities and city councils. Because socialist gentlemen, the success of the vaccines belongs to the autonomous communities and the health workers who have put them. All Pedro Sánchez did was take a photo and put a sticker to hang a medal that does not correspond to him. A government dedicated only to propaganda, the most toxic government, for the most dramatic moment.

With more than 120,000 Spaniards killed by Covid, today with more than 150,000 infections and 100 deaths a day, it is time to take the outstretched hand of the PP that offers a pandemic law to help save lives and economically recover Spain .

Pablo Casado makes a proactive and constructive policy, with positive proposals such as the pandemic law. Married does not resign himself, he wants to imagine a better Spain. get up, look to the future. A Spain with hope and solutions. And we do it with temperance and courage, and with the responsibility and generosity to look out for the general good of Spain, that is why we continue to offer the government an outstretched hand for a pandemic law that unifies criteria and makes the response against it more effective. Covid.

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