Monday, July 4

Aena: The value has already recovered the losses caused by ómicron

The year begins with recovery for values ​​related to tourism and travel, such as IAG, Amadeus or Meliá Hotels. We are also seeing increases for the manager of Spanish airports.

Aena has entered above the gap left by its chart, we had a dogi figure at the close of the 30th, it has been validated today and it could continue to rise and touch new highs. The value is already above the closing price of November 25, just before the sharp falls that we saw on November 26, when the existence of the omicron variant was known and fears were unleashed in the market.

The independent analyst Ramón Bermejo explains the key levels to watch for the value. According to its chart, it could rise to a level of 150.70 euros.

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