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Almeida: “Almudena Grandes does not deserve to be Madrid’s Favorite Daughter, but we have taken out the Budgets”



It seemed like a settled issue, but no. We have a new controversy started by a statement from the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, on behalf of the recently deceased writer Almudena Grandes, and her deserving or not of reaching the category of Favorite Daughter of Madrid, and that they have had a response from her former husband apart from the director of the Luis García Montero Cervantes Institute.

«Almudena Grandes does not deserve to be Madrid’s Favorite Daughter, but I have drawn up some Budgets that are good for the people of Madrid. I have pondered: a good budget for Madrid of 5,600 million and Almudena Grandes “, summarized Martínez-Almeida in an interview with ‘OK Diario’ his logic to consecrate the writer despite the fact that in his opinion it does not deserve it.

García Montero has responded to the mayor’s words through Twitter: «I read petty statements from the mayor about Almudena Grandes. It should treat us Madrilenians with more dignity. If he feels traitorous to his friends on the extreme right, there he is. Thanks to Madrid and the City Council for naming Almudena Favorite Daughter ».

In his interview in ‘Ok Diario’, Martínez-Almeida makes these reflections in this regard: «When Almudena Grandes died it is true that we we voted against naming her Favorite Daughter. We voted in favor of giving him a street because apart from those unfortunate things he wrote, he was a person who has read many people, with literary prizes and linked to Madrid ». And he continues: «The problem has a left that to approve a budget agreement has to ask that Almudena Grandes be declared Favorite Daughter. I wouldn’t have done it if it were them because I don’t think Almudena Grandes should be part of a budget agreement. It is not a sample of our weakness, but of his plot weakness ».

And so he finally justifies his decision: «I have made a balance, a pondering. But if I can lower taxes to 700,000 IBI receipts or that the Police can incorporate hundreds of troops in exchange for Almudena Grandes being a Favorite Daughter, I believe that the people of Madrid prefer that their taxes be reduced and that the police can incorporate hundreds of more effective ». And he adds: «Does anyone really think that a budget of 5,600 million euros could decline because the left, in an exercise of weakness, in my opinion, says that Almudena Grandes is a Favorite Daughter? It is a weighting that I have done ».

And finish: “The character doesn’t deserve it. I do not think so. In all negotiations you have to make assignments. We will like them more or less. But I have taken Budgets of 5,600 million euros that foresee a fiscal reduction of 400 million consolidated in the three years of government, which allows us to carry out emblematic works such as the pedestrianization of Puerta del Sol, that social spending exceeds 1,000 million euros. euros for the first time in a decisive year of the crisis or to establish the economic conditions so that Madrid continues to be the locomotive and the engine of recovery. I made a balance. In the weighting of interests, if this is what the left asked, it was worthwhile to approve these Budgets »

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