Friday, July 1

Apple, the first company to reach three trillion capitalization

After days caressing the record, Apple has managed this Monday to cross a border that remained virgin. The American technology company has become the first company in the world to reach three trillion dollars in market capitalization, an indicator that establishes the economic value of the firm for the financial market.

The company founded by Steve Jobs and now directed by Tim Cook has achieved this position in the first trading session of the year, when at one point the price of its shares has risen to $ 182.88 (around 162 euros), just two cents above the 182.86 it needed to cross this threshold. Although its achievement has been temporary, since the cost of its shares has dropped immediately, this technological giant had been around these numbers for days, a trend that indicates that the company will accommodate a valuation if not closer to these three billion.

Especially because in technology these types of achievements are common. Apple was also among the first to reach two trillion capitalization, a figure it reached in August 2020, just two years after crossing the trillion border. In this case, however, the state oil company Saudi Aramco It had gotten ahead of it months earlier, getting it valued at $ 2 trillion on the same day it went public. Despite this, this firm was unable to consolidate this market position.

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On the other hand, the three trillion dollars of valuation that Apple has reached this Monday (slightly more than 2.6 trillion euros) mean not only that the company has established itself in this league, but that it also continues to grow. Its recent milestone implies doubling the value of the Spanish economy, whose Gross Domestic Product (GDP) stood in 2020 just over a trillion and which even now exceeds the French economy, which ended the year of the outbreak of the pandemic with its GDP at 2.3 billion euros.

According to the Reuters news agency, investors have thus shown their confidence that the maker of flagship products such as the iPhone or iPad will continue to launch market-leading products, while exploring new markets such as the automated car or the metaverse.

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