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Aznar advises Casado to make more proposals and rely on the regional governments to grow




The ex-president Jose Maria Aznar has opened the year with some advice aimed at Popular Party already Pablo Casado, through its foundation, so that they have growth in the coming months, just when the latest polls are indicating a slowdown and a reversal, still moderate, in the trend of the main opposition party. The FAES foundation, chaired by Aznar, has indicated that the Casado alternative has to grow with more proposals and supported by the autonomous governments.

«The role of the opposition acquires extraordinary importance to the extent that, in addition to being an opposition, it is alternative and credibly offered as the necessary and reasonable change to a government that damages institutions, confronts Spaniards and impairs their rights , devalues ​​the international position of Spain and uses its own national cohesion as a bargaining chip to remain in power, “says the Aznar foundation in an editorial.

In his opinion, this alternative has to grow “by developing its propositional component, based on good models of territorial government to which we must add the overall proposal for all Spaniards.”

FAES also refers to new local political formations, which can be multiplied on the occasion of the
Autonomous elections of Castilla y León on February 13
, and warns of the effect they will have, by worsening a “dysfunctional and unfair” model: “The new versions of this fragmentation, which want to be experienced up to the provincial level, are going to place Spanish society before a major decision for the next few years because it will be a question of choosing between aggravating the current dysfunctional, extractive and unjust model, or recovering democratic institutions for the general interest ”.

In its analysis of the first of the year, FAES does not save on criticism of the Government of Sánchez. The Prime Minister is accused of “parasitizing” the successes of the autonomous communities in vaccination during the pandemic.

“Sánchez has been installed in unconstitutionality, has fled from his responsibility, parasitizing, yes, the successes of the autonomous communities in the management of vaccination and has damaged the institutions of representative democracy by avoiding them until he ends the control regime parliamentarian typical of those, as the Constitutional Court has declared in one of the most serious reproaches – if not the most – that can be made to a government in a democratic system.

FAES believes that foreign policy “does not exist” and sees in territorial policy many more factors of centrifugation and confrontation than of integration and agreement. In his opinion, the approval of the General State Budgets and the agreement on a minimum labor “reform reform” conceal a structural weakness of a Government.

«Sánchez is the unrivaled preferred candidate of all the marginal, unfair and destructive that Spanish politics has generated to date and that the PSOE, like a sinister broom truck, has collected to ensure the permanence in power of Pedro Sánchez as the only one recognizable objective of this unusual coalition, “says the Aznar Foundation.

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